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  • Hi Martin.
    Great audio player. Great new features. I’ve been using the version 1.2.3 for a few months, and I am very happy.

    I found a few major bugs in this version.

    1. It is not supported in Firefox Beta 3. I think you might want to correct that before the new browser is released.

    2. When it says “File Not Found”, the player does not want to close back – in all browsers.

    3. When I press multiple audio files, all of the former files keep playing, instead of closing back (unlike version 1.2.3).

    I hope you can resolve these problems because on my blog I like to post multiple audio files at once.



    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I need to know a little more about the issues you mention.

    1: When you say it is not supported in Firefox Beta 3, what do you mean? Are you basing this on what I say on the installation page or did you actually try it in FF 3? As far as I know, it works in FF 3.

    2: Yeah, I know about this. I can’t remember why I did this though 🙂 I’ll look into it.

    3: This is quite strange because this should be the one feature that has improved. Have you got an example online? It would be very helpful if I could have a look. If you don’t, can you give me more details: which browser you tried this in and which version of the Adobe Flash player you have installed.

    Again, thanks again for the feedback. I’ll do my best to fix the issues.


    Hi Martin,
    I too must first compliment you on a great tool. For some reason, the player is showing up in FF (both Beta 3, and 2) but not in IE7 (PC) or Safari (Mac). I get this message:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 6 or above) is required to play this audio clip. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    I’m wondering if there is something I’m doing wrong? Is there a fix for this?


    As a side note, i looked at your site in IE7 and the player works fine. What could be different about mine? (It’s WP 2.5.1 hosted on Dreamhost)


    Can you post a link to a page where this is happening?



    1. SOLVED – I’ve upgraded WordPress from 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 and the player started to work perfectly in Firefox 3. So basically it is important to have the latest version of the software. The only think that I’ve noticed is that the link-border appears around the player when I press “Play”. But that’s ok.

    2. Thanks!

    3. I have the latest flash version installed, and this bug appears in IE-7, OP-9, SF-3 and sometimes in FF-3. FF-2 works alright, that means that files close back properly. On my site there are about 20 files on one page.

    4. I’ve found another problem. In all browsers – when I press “play”, the file (sometimes, not always) does not start to play, but when I press “refresh”, everything goes back to normal. Maybe there are way too many files on one page, or I have way too many tabs open?


    I would reiterate, cool payer, clean and simple.

    One question when I put the player on a black background there is a white “backdrop” that is visible. When “closed” you get a white bar to the left of the play button. Can that be made transparent or set the color?

    I have tried the options bg and pagepg (I tried to set both to 0x000000).

    Any suggestions?


    2 questions before I can help you:

    Are you using the player as a WordPress plugin or standalone?

    Are you using version 2.0 beta or 1.2.3?



    1: Glad it works for you but I just tested it on FF 3 rc2 and WP 2.5.0 and it worked fine. I am not aware of any issue with WP 2.5.0. I did see the link border around the player. This will be fixed in the next release (beta 2 coming soon).

    3 and 4: It is possible that many players on one page is a problem. It would be really helpful to see an example where this is happening. Can you post a link?


    I am having trouble getting the player to work correctly. I installed the folder into the wordpress plug-ins and then moved the audio player.php file as instructed on your site, but I am getting (and this has expressed itself differently after trying different things) either multiple audioplayer plug-in instances in the plug-ins window of the back end editor or I am getting code errors when I try to access the plug-in settings(options).

    I had it working last night, but I had to duplicate the audioplayer.php file, one in the actual audio player folder and one in the plug in folder. Doing this made it function, but I still couldn’t edit the appearance of the player. Any suggestions?

    (Just to say that I’m a big fan of the current version, so thank you for creating such a great plugin!)

    are there any new runtime options for this version? like the color of the volume bar? cant seem to change that.. only the color of the speaker. thanks 🙂

    looked at the php file. doesnt look like theres any new options. also righticon isnt working for me…

    Hello – I’ve been working on creating a new site for my g/f and her music, and this new player would be great… if I could get it to work right.

    As testing I was using v1.2.3 and was able to get things to play, but now trying out v2.0 – getting an error.
    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 6 or above) is required to play this audio clip. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    I’m running WP2.5.1 on an apache2 server. My main computer is Ubuntu 8.04 with FF3B5, but have also tried on XPH w/FF2 and IE6

    here’s the site – any ideas?

    should also mention that your site works well…
    Thanks – ssarge

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