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  • I’m using this plugin to play highlights from broadcasts of college sporting events. Often, each game will have in excess of 10 highlights. For example:
    . Everything always works fine in MSIE, but whenever I have more than around 5 players on a page, in Firefox, the plugin just says “Buffering” when you hit play, and won’t play the audio.

    What’s even weirder is that this problem persists, even on other pages, until you restart firefox manually.

    Anyone heard of this before? Any possible solutions?

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  • This is an unusually coincidental coincidence. 🙂

    I experienced exactly this for the very first time 2 days ago while responding to this thread:

    And my experience on your site is identical to your symptoms.

    However others did not experience the same thing. I am using Firefox . Here is a list of my FF plugins:

    AVG safe search, Dom inspector, Firebug, Minimize to tray, UnPlug and webdeveloper.

    Any similarities to your current FF setup?

    I am running FF with extensions:
    -adblock plus
    -greasemonkey unlinker

    I also experience the problem on another computer that has FF and Unlinker only. Another of my friends experiences the same issue on my site, though I’m not sure of his FF version.

    I disabled everything and still had the issue. I’m stumped. I would hardly think it would be an OS issue. I’ll have to check it on my other machines when I get a chance. Very strange.

    Anyone else have any input on this? I’m perplexed…

    As far as I can tell, everyone who goes to my site with Firefox has this issue, but no one has it with IE. What gives?

    Ok. This will kill ‘ya. I was just on your site with one of my laptops. Same OS, XP-SP3, same Firefox version, same plugins, AV and addons, and it works perfectly. I mean perfectly. Now I’m really curious.
    Stay tuned…

    Ok, Sports fans 🙂

    Here it is. I think. The laptop had flashplayer version 9.0.115 running on Firefox. The box on my desk has Firefox with flashplayer version 9.0.124.(You can almost hear the train coming now, can’t you?) I “upgraded” the flashplayer on the laptop, and guess what? You got it. Now Firefox on the laptop is broken too. Same symptoms as mentioned above.

    Looking for someone else to confirm please..

    This makes a lot of sense — I just verified it on a machine in our newsroom that hasn’t been updated, and it works fine. Why would the newer version of flash bork the player!?!?!? AARGHH I hate Adobe.

    ‘Yep… I agree… and do you think I have had any luck finding a copy of on macromedia’s site? Nope. Just the latest update. That makes sense, though. I have even been juggling the .dlls’ from my Opera and system32 folders in an attempt to satisfy Firefox, but no soap. The files look identical. Now I also have some issues with the advanced Exceptions settings in Firefox as well. I’ll let you know if I find a work-around. Or better yet, a real solution.

    Now I also have some issues with the advanced Exceptions settings in Firefox as well
    (This was an unrelated issue).

    I just went to the developers site to see if anyone had commented about this yet.

    I had no idea this was such a popular plugin. I’m just not so sure that the Firefox issue actually has anything to do with his plugin. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Take care.

    Hello there,

    It does look like this is an issue with the Adobe Flash Player but I don’t really know why. You can download older versions of the Flash Player here:

    Download the version 9 archive and you’ll find in there. You need to uninstall the current version first so it’s quite fiddly.

    I’m very close to releasing a new version of Audio Player. I’ll post a link here when it’s ready.

    Martin (1 Pixel Out)

    This is definitely a problem with the latest Flash player. I have just done extensive tests and everything point to the Flash Player.

    Unfortunately, this means that Audio Player version 2.0 doesn’t fix this issue. Let’s hope Adobe fix this soon.


    Hi I am also having the same problem with my audio player, but strangely enough it was working when firefox 3 was released and a week after, but now it’s stopped working for some reason. will try and see if version 2 can make it work and let u no.

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