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  • The audio-player component has serious issues with some URL formats. I traced this down using fiddler and ended up with the following issues:

    a) GET Parameters after an & sign are not transfered
    e.g. index.php?page=1&lang=1 the lang parameter is not transmitted by audioplayer

    b) Commas in URLs are not working
    e.g.,information,test.html is being cut after the first comma.

    Any ideas how to solve this?

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  • Same problem here … any solutions ?

    I have a servlet that returns a specific MP3 based on some key-value pairs passed in my query string e.g. :


    When I pass this url, only the first key-value pair is passed … with Wireshark I can see :

    GET /path/MP3Servlet?key1=value1

    Frequently asked questions

    “Note: Titles and artist names are currently comma-delimited. I knowt his isn’t perfect as a title may contain a comma. I will try to fix this in the future.”

    Perhaps also ampersands in an mp3 file name/path, might cause issues with the player? Not sure on that..

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