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  • Have anyone looked into adding a fallback to html5 for those devices that doesnt support flash? A simple test for browser and use the basic audio tag. Anyone interested in something like that.

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  • I’m very interested, but do not have the skills to execute it myself.

    Just found this but haven’t tried it yet since I’m out travelling and surfing on my iPhone.

    It’s a work around for the player to detect what device/browser is used and provides a play button if a iPod/iPad/iPhone is detected. I really hope it works since I love this player. And hopefully they will include a “detect iPhone” option in coming updates.


    Back home and tested it out. It worked fine for this plugin. Even thou it’s not really html5 it does the trick.


    I tried it as well and works great. Smart and simple solution.

    I tried this and couldn’t get it to work for me. I notice that everyone here seems to have good luck w/ this workaround so I hope it’s something I can get figured out pretty quickly.

    I posted this on Ryan’s blog to see if he has any suggestions for me, I will repost it here as well to see if any of you do too:

    Thanks for your work on this workaround, however I can’t seem to get this to work for me. I have tried both versions available in your post but to no avail. I pull up the podcast posts on my blog and cannot see the play button on my iphone. Here’s an example post:

    I have the player set to be 1-pixel-out in podpress w/ the wrapped enabled. I also dropped in the iphone_play.png file in my assets directory after replacing the audio-player.php file.

    Any ideas where I might start looking to troubleshoot? Do you think there might be another plugin causing a conflict for this not to work?

    Thanks again for your time in coding and posting this hack to the wordpress community.

    Thanks for your time & consideration.

    This is my quick hack of the audio player plugin, search for ipad in the code to find it.

    [Large code excerpt removed by moderator per forum rules. Please use the pastebin for all large code excerpts. It works better anyway.]

    As the code above was removed, here’s how I did it.

    I hacked the plugin to replace the default fallback with Jeremy Keith’s Awe Dee Oh method

    In my case, the files could be downloaded without any issues. If you wish to prevent this then the <audio> tag probably isn’t for you.

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