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  • Anyone monitoring this forum?

    You use the standard Upload/Insert function that’s built into WP. Once your media is uploaded you can insert the player using the shortcode.

    Eric. Thanks. For some reason, the upload is not taking. It looks like it’s doing it, it says it’s doing it, but the mp3 file is not uploaded to the server. It’s kind of big, 28meg, but my limit is set to 40meg. I have no idea where I would start looking to find out why it’s not doing the actual upload. If I put the mp3 into the audio folder with my ftp program, and link to it, the player works. I sure would be nice for the insert/upload to work as per the documentation. I just looked at the youtube for Audio Player and saw that there were different insert icons, and thought maybe I had messed up the install. The next thing I need to do is find out how the heck I got that avatar on this forum. One thing at a time, I guess.

    LOL @ the avatar comment. Think that’s fixable by linking your email you used to sign up with to a gravatar account.

    I had the same problem with MP3 files before, and had to modify some files to get the size limit bumped up so I could use the WP uploader to upload the files. Might check with your hosting provider and make sure they don’t have a file overwriting anything in your WP install that’s keeping you from uploading large files.

    I think that YouTube vid is from before WP 3.X. Before the updates WP use to have multiple icons to all took you to the same upload form. They consolidated all the icons into one when 3.X came out.

    Good luck with the plugin. We’ve (as in all of us using this plugin) have a whole different issue now that we’ve upgraded to 3.4. Hopefully the developer (or a talented coder) will come along and give us a fix.

    Hi there folks

    I just installed audio player (by Martin Laine) and there are no icons showing next to “add media”. I saw in a previous post that I could add the shortcode instead but I can’t see it anywhere?

    I am completely new to this and I’m not at all “teckie” and I have tried to use the normal upload/insert function that is built into WordPress.

    So I have been able to add music clips to the album page, however when you click on the link it sends the user off to a “Quicktime” icon and some sort of default player opens up and plays the clip. Then when the visitor stops the clip playing they are kicked off the site – which is tedious to say the least.

    Please help me if you can – it all looked so easy on the tutorials I’ve seen – and I’m learning WordPress as I go along!

    I’ve added the link to the site in case it helps:

    Thanks ever so much.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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