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    I was checking out this plugin in test install when I saw that in addition to the donate info in the plugin’s options page which was cool, there was also 600px x 500px widget to donate to plugin author in the admin dashboard as well which is not cool at all. In addition, since I activated it Network-wide, the donate widget box was in all dashboards of subsites. The big widget in dashboards is not only seen by the Super Admin but for all other user role levels as well.

    I’ve since deleted the plugin from test install. Those huge dashboard prompts are, in many ways, as intrusive and obtrusive than other plugins which have been removed from the WP repo have been.

    At the end of the that donate widget in dashboard, there’s a line
    After donation you will possibly get to know how you can hide this notice easily
    I don’t know how much you have to donate to hide the eyesore, but at a glance – haven’t tested it – you can “hide” the prompt by deleting the following lines in the plugin’s donate.php:

    delete – Add_Action('wp_dashboard_setup', Array($this, 'register_widget'));
    delete – <div style="max-width:600px"><?php do_action('donation_message') ?></div>

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  • yan.kun0567


    Best quote of this widget:

    Because you are using none of my WordPress extensions I hope you will appreciate my job.

    Jay Collier


    I just tried using a function to remove this widget, but the id is now generated randomly, so I have no option other than to find an alternative.



    You should consider donating, but the donation “pop-ups” can easily be removed by commenting out the second line in wp-plugin-file-commander.php:

    // Please think about a donation
    If (Is_File(DirName(__FILE__).’/donate.php’)) Include DirName(__FILE__).’/donate.php’;

    change to

    // Please think about a donation
    // If (Is_File(DirName(__FILE__).’/donate.php’)) Include DirName(__FILE__).’/donate.php’;

    Richard Archambault


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    Hi, i had the same annoying problem I did the following

    Add the following to your functions.php file in your themes folder.

    function remove_dashboard_donate_message() {
        display: none;
    add_action( 'admin_head', 'remove_dashboard_donate_message' );

    Consequently, you could also add it as a style, in the plugin’s css file- add the following lines

        display: none; }

    Hope this helps.

    Hello, I deleted the plugin rather that deal with the donation nag. I usually will donate when asked but this was huge and it appeared in the dashboards of all of our users. Pretty embarrassing to me. There was no way to even collapse the window; the only option was to choose “I don’t like this plugin, please delete it.”

    Just FYI for people thinking of using this plugin. That said, it seems to work fine in 3.2 with all of my other plugins.

    Hey, we love donations for our plugins as much as anyone, but DUDE… this is simply un-cool. In version 1.3.9, we removed the following two lines of duschbaggery in wp-plugin-audio-link-player.php

    line 80:
    <div style="max-width:600px"><?php //do_action('dh_contribution_message') ?>

    line 128:
    Require_Once DirName(__FILE__).'/contribution.php';

    If you want people to pay for your plugins, don’t release them as open-source.
    If you want people to donate to your plugins, make great plugins, provide great support and give them an easy, non-duschbag way to do so.

    Oh and P.S: What’s up with your photo all over the place? Are you a Real-estate agent ads or applying for a reality TV show?

    People can also vote by choosing alternatives.

    GPL is not an acronym for GET PAID LOUDLY

    Please remove these garish and annoying pleas for a donation from the Dashboard, the Dashboard Sub-Menu & the Admin Footer. Really dude! Are all of these necessary? It’s just ridiculous and grossly overdone. If users like your plugin and elect to donate something for your efforts, the link within the plugin settings page which then links to your additional contributions page in their admin (if that is even necessary) should be sufficient.


    The WordPress community is an awesome group of individuals; some who are just getting started, some who have a good grasp of things, and an overwhelming number of designers & developers willing to educate and share their code projects with everyone. These are the very principles WordPress and the GPL are built on.

    After reading the following response you gave to a similar complaint/request for your other plugin ‘Fancy Gallery’, it is obvious you have problems with the GPL concept:

    Hi Guys, I know you have never had a job and so of course you have no money. That’s okay, you are losers, and everyone accepts this. But please stop spaming the forums. Use other plugins and nag other coders, thank you for deactivating my plugin and thank you for shut the fuck up. 🙂


    I wonder how many of your 15 plugins here in the WordPress Repository contain similarly annoying donation messages.

    I sense another – similar – plugin coming soon without these nags, or perhaps a full blown plugin replacement initiative.

    Anyone know how to remove the link at the bottom of the dashboard advertising the pro version of the plugin?

    As well as what to do to remove the widget ad placed in the Post Editor?

    Thanks loads.

    I routinely donate to authors of extremely good plugins. However, this particular plugin author is impressively lacking in social skills in the way that he asks for money. I’ve never seen any WP plugin author as crass as this guy. It’s almost like a guy sticking his foot in your door and berating you.

    I uninstalled this quickly, and also made a note of his name so that I know exactly who and what to avoid from now on.

    As JCollier said above, save yourself some annoyance and try this quality plugin:

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