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  • Seems there is a conflict between “astickypostorderer” and “category posts widget” (
    When astickypostorderer is active, the category posts widget doesn’t generate the links to the posts he’s supposed to, though i can see the widget title. When i deactivate astickypostorderer, the widget works fine again.
    Strange thing, problem occurs only on blog home page (index.php). No problem so far with categories templates, even when the posts are ordered in the category …
    Anyone has experiencing the same problem ?


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  • There was a problem when plugins or widgets used WP_Query to build custom queries, it createsslightly different MySQL from what WordPress normally does. I’ve ‘fixed’ it partially so posts should show up, but if they were created with WP_Query they will not show the custom order.

    If there are enough requests to make WP_Query work with the custom ordering I might ‘fix’ it some more.

    In the case of Category Posts, it should now work and show the latests posts in the widget, except when looking at the page for e.g. a specific category or tag for which asticky has a custom ordering. Then the listing in the widget will also show that listing ordered and not just the latest at the top as might be expected.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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