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  • Yesterday I thought I found out why my WP auto upgrades don’t work: Ask Apache. My girlfriend uses an old AA and her updates work just fine. I thought I knew what was going on, I just had to disable the wp-content folder protection. Not so. Meanwhile I have disabled about every module, but still the auto upgrade function gives me a
    An error occurred while updating WP-ShortStat: Could not create directory. /home/vhosts/xxxx/httpdocs/wp-content/upgrade/xxxx.tmp.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Argh, after disabling all modules without succes and eventually deactivating the plugin, also without succes, I am no longer able to install the latest (4.6.6) version of the plugin itself. All familiar problems with this plugin. I installed the last version that I knew I never had problems with (3.5.1) and probably need to reinstall WP to get all functions back up… Hopefully the 4.7 version that was announced for november 2010 will solve these things.

    Well, this little joke costed me a day. I managed to wreck my network, but I’m not sure how or why. The thing that happened is that the subsites were suddenly no longer accessible. For convenience sake I had created /subsite/wp-admin/uploads folders so that I didn’t have to edit all image url when I went from 5 installs to a network. This had always worked fine, but now the subsites gave me 500’s and in the end I replaced all images, deleted the subfolders and started editing all image urls afterall… I have no idea what caused this, but the only thing I had been working on was AskApache. After a weekend of work I had rather had not, I am a happy user of 3.5.1 again. No idea if the WP upgrade function returned, but I’ll know as soon as I have another upgrade to do than AA 🙂 The plugin may have become a bit too powerfull.

    Oh, and to answer my own initial question, it seems that this plugin changes CHMOD of the upgrades folder. I have changed these rights numerous times, but I noticed that when I had no longer AA installed, the rights were still wrong.

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