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    I love this plugin. Perhaps someone could help me fix it? Here is exactly how the problem occurred. (Note that WP-admin ‘works’ but is all in text now- see below).

    After upgrading to WP 2.6, I upgraded to 4.3.2. Before doing anything else I went to the AAPro settings and saw that all settings said “Success” except for plain encryption. I clicked on the Update settings button (or whatever the button is on that page) and got the AAPro password prompt that Ive seen dozens of time. I entered in the username and password that I always have..and it wouldnt work!! Then I tried to refresh WP-admin and I got the password prompt again, hitting cancel this time and got an “Internal Server Error.”

    Are there instructions on how to properly clean your WP directories of AAPro and start over?

    I have no idea so what I did was remove the AAPro plugin folder from my plugins directory. I still couldnt get into WP because I still saw the password prompt. So I went to wp-admin ht-access and removed the AAPro section. This got me back into WP-admin without the prompt.

    So I manually install a fresh AAPro plugin 4.3.2 from my cpanel. Activate it. Go to the AAPro settings and see the same settings as I did before. All successful except one. I click that change settings button below all of that and it takes me to the next page. I see that the default user is admin and password is blank (would entering this initially have averted this disaster?) I type in the same user and pass that I always have and click ‘change password.’ The page reloads with the internal server error again.

    So I go straight to wp-admin in cpanel and remove the AAPro content and refresh wp-admin. Now wp-admin in firefox is all text-based. Everything looks like black and white 1995 html internet. Links and functionality are still there. But wp-admin is normal in other browsers! I have disabled the AAPro plugin as a result of all of this.

    How do I fix my files so that AAPro works again?

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  • Well, partly resolved. I realized that after activating again, I don’t NEED to set another wp-admin password to still work with the other security options though I love having that extra gate of security.

    Deleted my firefox cache and appearance is back to normal.

    Maybe deleting the .htpasswda1 file in addition to the htaccess AApro code would have solved the initial password prompt issue?

    P.S. I also left a post for the Askapache-search-engine-verify plugin as there was an error there.

    Doesn’t work for me on 2.6 either, i install, go through the setup pages, create my wp-admin password but don’t activate any of the optional parameters, log out and then try to login again but wp-admin is not found after submitting the password

    I need to delete .htaccess and then i can get back in. I had to delete wp-admin on my previous attempt to get it working again. Left it off for now, hope you can get this reliable

    Create your wp-admin password? Do you mean create your AskApache password? I think after fresh install/upgrade, AAPro user is admin and pass is blank but I could be very wrong.

    And to be fair to AA, this has been the only program I could find that RELIABLY protected my images directory which is very important to me. Because he’s one guy though, some of the kinks are still understandably going to be there as his setup is different from mine vs. yours, etc.

    I’m just wondering whether there are some kind of instructions on how to clean out AAPro and start again. Someone said once to delete all AAPro lines from WP files but that seems a bit much.

    I’m desperate for instructions to remove the plugin as well, since it blocked me from accessible my blog altogether. If anyone can help..!




    and I replied to you in your own thread, xiaozhu

    Someone said once to delete all AAPro lines from WP files but that seems a bit much.

    AHH! No!

    The plugin only modifies 2 (at most 3) files on your entire server.

    1. /.htaccess
    2. /wp-admin/.htaccess
    3. Wherever you have your .htpasswd file, which can’t hurt anything

    I’m hoping to have solved a lot of these programming (mine) mistakes with this new release (4.6) but like I’ve said before I’m not really experienced with php.

    If you ever have trouble with this plugin, just remove any lines it created from the above files, clear your browser cache…… thats it. Remember that this is not part of wordpress, it uses alternate HTTP Authentication schemes and built-in apache server security.

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