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  • toobroketofix


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    Wish I could get this bloody plugin to work. Here’s what happens:

    1) on the configuration page all tests pass with a [SUCCESS] but the last one, PLAIN encryption fails. Is this because I am not on a Win/Beos etc machine? Should this have passed? I tried to setup a password and name there but it was rejected.

    While all tests are a grand [SUCCESS], each response indicated either a 401, 305, 307, 503, or 404. I have tried in both Safari and Firefox and get the same results.

    2) On clicking Continue to AAPP Setup, I put in a username and password and click Submit Settings.

    3) On the next page the response to everything is either 401, 403 or 301. The result being that (on another browser) trying to log in or go to any page results in a 404.

    So I unchecked everything and updated the modules, which allowed me back in on the other browser.

    Yesterday, I had to manually replace all htaccess files. Today I’m a little smarter. At present AAPP is deactivated.

    What the bejesus am I doing wrong?

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  • askapache


    Hmm. The plain encryption test is just there for windows clients that won’t support anything else..

    Try installing the updated plugin, if you are still having problems then email me the .htaccess files modified by the plugin..



    Well, I deleted v4.2.4, uploaded v4.3.1. A much improved layout as to information. Emptied the cache of browser etc. This time lots of successes, however, there were lots of encyption failures and the same thing happened when I entered username and password. Got locked out with a 404 staring me in the face.

    Interestingly, this time, the only htaccess file that was changed was in wp-admin. The other one was left unchanged. I seem to recall it was changed the last time I tried.

    htaccess files are chmod 644. Is this right? Or should they be 755 or 777? or something else. I note authors often say the file or folder should be “writeable” but it would help gits like myself if they gave the exact numerical configuration.

    I will fire the changed htaccess to you via email, but I think I’m going to give up on this one.

    Thanks for the help.

    I always just start with the tightest security, and then slowly ease up until it works.

    So I like to start out at 400, then the server usually won’t work so I go to 600, etc..

    Mostly .htaccess files are chmod 644 and .htpasswd files can be 640, but every OS is different. And folder I like 750.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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