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  • Firstly, thanks for the work done on this plugin. It’s a great plugin imo.

    Would like to request for a feature to be added in your next revision to the plugin.

    Currently the plugin detects whether a 404.php is available or not, then decides how the 404 page should be displayed. However, this method breaks some themes as some theme have the 404 template within the index.php, instead of having a 404.php. This causes the theme to “break” for myself and others.

    May I suggest for an switch in the plugin’s option page to turn off this “404.php template detection”? This way, users of such themes can turn off the 404.php detection and add the plugin codes to the theme manually.

    I believe this is something simple and useful for everyone. Hope to see this in your next revision. Thanks!

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  • Great feedback desean, I added the ability to select your own 404.php file, but I’m not sure if this fixes what you mention. Could you check 4.7.1 and let me know.

    It sounds almost like you want to use the aa_google_404(); function not on 404 error pages?

    thanks for looking into this feedback askapache.

    I tried 4.7.1 but it wasn’t what I want really looking for. the idea was in the right direction though.

    take a look at my 404 page when i use 4.7.1: (i exported the page into a pdf file)
    now take a look at my current 404 page (reverted back to 4.6.3) with the template detection commented out:

    i use atahualpa as my theme. this theme (i’m sure some other themes have this too) have the option to set your own 404 page (see screenshot of the option here: I suspect the theme’s 404 function conflicts with your plugin and took priority instead (notice how my sidebar was pushed to the bottom when using 4.7.1).

    so, what i am requesting is for an option to choose any file as the 404 template (index.php in my case), and not just 404.php which you set in version 4.7.1.

    an added option could be to turn off the template function and allow users to incorporate your plugin into any template using the following code for example:

    i believe this can mitigate the issue of compatibility with themes that uses their own 404 page function. of course, this should be disclaimed as an “advance user” feature since manual steps by the user is required.

    do let me know what you think of my suggestion. once again, thanks for looking into this.

    p.s. by the way, when i upgraded to 4.7.1 my google search api key was blank. it did not “migrate” over from 4.6.3 during the upgrade. you might want to have a look at that too. thanks.

    dsean, that is an excellent idea, I added a few more changes to 4.7.2 before I read this, and barring any emergency quick-fix updates your suggestion to specify any file or use it in any template will be included for 4.7.3. It’s a major major major change in the code from 4.7+ vs any previous versions, and there is alot of refactoring to do, I didn’t even bother to prettify the source code, Its beta so thanks for helping find bugs, I added some comments and questions in the php source code where I am struggling or could use some help if anyone wants to take a look.

    Oh, I noticed that google-search-api key problem when I upgraded too, thats fixed for 4.7.2

    understand you are busy with your personal life as well, so no hurry. will let you know if i spot any bugs.

    anyway, thanks for making this great plugin better.

    just wondering, any news for 4.7.3?



    hi, was just hoping that we could see an update for 4.6.3 soon. thanks.

    Every time I try to connect to one of my pages from outside of wordpress, all I get is a 404 error code. Trying to use a back link page just called links, but can’t access it.
    Any ideas on what I need to fix in order to use this?

    Hmm not sure..

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