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  • Plugin Author slushman


    Hey Sadiscord, I’m not sure why the first one doesn’t work for you; I pasted that into my band’s site and it worked fine and we’re using the same URL type for the plugin on our site. Funny enough, when I open your first URL in Chrome, it resolves to the second URL anyway. I’m guessing AD hasn’t updated the links they display to the new format with Sonicbids being in there. Glad to hear it’s working for you though! Nice job on the Kri & Hettie site!

    Hi Slushman, nothing is showing in either page or widget, although the XML feeds contain proper data and load properly in an XML parser.

    Tried both
    as suggested above.

    But page/widget still empty… nothing’s happening… unfotunately.


    Same for on

    Both sites are on the same host, as do most of the sites I manage.
    I tried emptying the cache, and various ideas I had, but nothing appears…
    I’d really like to use such tool… 🙁


    Is there anybody out there ?
    the problem’s still the same…

    Plugin Author slushman


    Hey DJM,
    Sorry, I’m just seeing your post. Telser’s issue is there are no shows in the feed, which is a bug I’m trying to fix at the moment.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with Alle’s Stones feed. Did you put the shortcode on the shows page?

    Yes I added [artistdatapress]
    The widget on the right is empty too…

    There are shows in Telser’s feed, the same as Alle’sTones… (Telser being the booking agency for AS, and created this way in ArtistData.)




    I’m having the same problem. Any idea what’s happening?

    Plugin Author slushman


    Hey everyone, I just published an update last night to 0.2. Hopefully, the issues are ironed out for you. Let me know if the aren’t. I’ve tried all the feeds that were posted here in my development site and most seemed to work (Telser doesn’t appear to be a valid XML feed…). Check out the update and let me know.

    Hi, just updated on Alle’sTones and the issue is the same : no data appears on page/widget… sorry

    BTW, Telser is generated through ArtistData fS datafeed for “music organizations”…
    It’s not empty, but might be buggy… In fact, it should be the same content as for Alle’sTones, but seen from the management perspective.

    Here’s the content of the feed.

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin] —OK—

    A quick question : does your widget need a specific PHP configuration or extension to work ?
    My sites use shared hosting, and like many hosts, some functions can limited or blocked…

    Back to Alle’sTones, here’s the code generated on the “Shows” page, after automatic update to v0.2:

    <p>Our next shows :</p>
    	<div id="slushman_adp">
    		<div id="slushman_adp_no_shows">There are no shows currently scheduled.</div>		<div id="slushman_adp_more_shows" class="slushman_adp_footer">
    		</div><!-- End of slushman_adp_more_shows -->
    		<div id="slushman_adp_artistdata_link" class="slushman_adp_footer">&nbsp;
    			<a id="slushman_adp_artistdata_logo_link" href="" target="_blank">
    	    		<img id="slushman_adp_artistdata_logo" src="" border="0">
    		</div><!-- End of slushman_adp_artistdata_logo_link -->
    	</div><!-- End of slushman_adp -->

    As you’ll see the “slushman_adp_no_shows” DIV is generated.

    BTW, the /images & /images/powered_by_artistdata.png don’t exist on my server… did you add them to your install package ?


    My install didn’t come with a powered_by_artistdata.png image either.

    The display formatting looks broken compared to 0.1, too.

    The “More shows” link disappeared from the calendar and widget also after I updated to 0.2.

    Do you think it’s possible to re-upload the plugin to fix all these errors?

    Thanks for the awesome plugin!

    Plugin Author slushman


    @djm: the plugin uses SimpleXML, which is built into PHP5, to process the XML feed from ArtistData. Make sure your host is using PHP5 (I would imagine it is…). The feed URL you posted earlier works fine on my band’s site and my personal music site. In fact, I used that feed to test the City, Country display function. What version of WordPress are you using? Any chance I could get a login for to your site to take a look? Email me at

    @guitarplayer16: I know about the images thing, trying to get that fixed.

    The formatting may require some tweaking to fit your specific site; the output code was changed.

    If you’re displaying all your shows, the “more shows” link won’t be displayed now since all your shows are being displayed. If you’re not showing all the shows, give me the URL of your site so I can check it out.

    Hi chris,
    I use WP 3.1.2 with Twenty-Ten theme, slightly modified. Have 20 plugins – tried disabling them all except yours and Akismet = same problem.

    I asked the host support about SimpleXML and other extensions they might have disabled.

    Will come back to you with their answer…

    OK, I checked with phpinfo() and the host support told me “everything was looking fine” (as usual…).

    Simplexml support enabled
    Revision $Revision: $
    Schema support enabled

    So there’s a potential conflict or lack of support of some function somewhere…
    BTW the server is protected with suhosin…

    Do you hae a debug version?


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