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  • I would like to use this POST, to make a user guide of implementing

    I have only this :
    * Edit the posts – you want to contain hidden content. Surround the content you want to be hidden for unregistered users with [Are_PayPal_LoginPlease][/Are_PayPal_LoginPlease] pseudo tags.

    What do we have?

    We have a post
    with the text above.
    We have 6 links :
    6/ Donate, I will remember
    5/ How to use it
    4/ Blog Price
    3/ Paypal Data
    2/ Post Price
    1/ Are_Paypal

    Steps :
    A/ Implementing WordPress, Are_PayPal
    B/ creating a PayPal Sandbox
    In the PayPal Sandbox >>
    Configure paypal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN)?
    * Follow the link
    * Set IPN “On”
    * Set IPN Url to ‘’
    Question 1 : where to set IPN “On”
    Question 2 Blog Price : Does that mean, there is only one price for the whole BLOG (I suppose)
    RMQ Post Price : OK, to be able to put a price… the POST has to be created…
    Explanation of what appears in the POST
    Chapitre 2:3rd new post : 1
    XXXXXXXXXXName of the Post Price
    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN What is the purpose of NNN, since it may be used more than once?
    maybe to make some grouping
    is it then possible to make some tuning or regrouping?
    ex :

    Question 3 :
    Not logged in : WHERE, WHO? does that mean that the reader, has to be logged in (I know,… but where, ?)
    Question 4 :
    URLTEXT : WHAT is it? why 404 not found?
    Do I have to create a Text?
    Question 6 :
    Page or Post to show users purchesed posts?
    A page has to e created like “Paid Posts”
    I suppose the paid posts will appears here

    Question 7 :
    What is the Bonus Post?
    And how to use it?

    Question 8 :
    Difference between
    PayPal buy
    and Purchase buttons
    When , where how to use them

    Well that s all folks…

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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