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  • 1.) Does not show. Is it because I use this plugin on the latest version of WordPress? I’m not willing to downgrade, but the plugin functionality is necessity to the website I manage. Is getting it to function properly with the latest version of WordPress on the TODO list?

    2.) Also, was just wondering. Should it not be stated somewhere within the program that a Premier or Business PayPal account is needed to use the Subscriber features of the plugin? Or does this plugin somehow bypass that?

    3.) And one more question, if the person has already paid a subscription, will they automatically be able to see the content, or will I have to manually add them to the purchasers list? Also, are people manually added to the purchasers list charged? Such as admins.

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  • 1) Maybe it is a question of version of PHP or MYSQL, it has to be version 5
    2) can not answer
    3) I believe, to pay a Subscription, you have to be logged in.

    I am busy or trying to write a FREE user guide, with donation button for the creator…

    1. I do not know what went wrong there as I have not noticed any problems with any wordpress version. There is one incompatible plugin and that is it.
    2. As far as I know simple paypal account is enough. You have to be eligible to receive money to your paypal account and you account must be eligible to send ipn notifications. as fara as I know this is basic paypal account.

    3. if paypal ipn functions well everything goes automagically. after user pays paypal sends ipn to your blog and are paypal plugin enables a content. no admin interaction is needed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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