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  • Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi Fokkio,

    After looking at the page source there’s nothing immediately that jumps out at me as being a problem, so we have to take it to the next step. This is a pain to do, but the easiest way to find which plugin is conflicting with mine is to disable your other plugins 1 by 1, testing after each, to see which one, or ones, is the culprit. Once I know which plugin or plugins is causing us trouble, I can see if I can figure out why.

    Thanks for your help John.
    I will be looking into it soon.

    From what I can figure out jquerytools used by this plugin is mainly tested and approved to work with latest or later jQuery versions. Your theme force jQuery 1.3.2 – on top of jQuery 1.7.2 from WP install. Typical horror theme from Themeforest. If you check devs. comment thread one of the last posts is him saying he really cant support all “3rd party” plugins. He has not updated this theme since for ever.

    Well, might or might not be important. If so it can be fixed but probably not by theme dev.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    tzdk — good catch! I completely missed that jquery is being loaded twice, which is causing my plugin to not work.

    Fokkio — somewhere in your functions.php (or some file called by that), your theme is loading its own version of jQuery, on top of the jQuery that my plugin calls (which is the bundled WordPress version, which is how it’s supposed to be done). It’ll take some testing, but if you can stop the theme jquery from being loaded, you might be able to get everything working.

    if you can stop the theme jquery from being loaded

    1) How can I do that?
    2) And will the theme work as it should after that?

    1. Have no clue as he could load it directly from some functions.php file or it could be in any file, like header.php. If not used to messing with these things I dont know what to say. Can you do a full text search or something from hosts control panel?

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

    is the line so “jquery.js” would be a good keyword. I do not know theme but as said look for functions.php, index.php, header.php or something like that.

    Right person to help is theme dev. and good luck with that.

    2. Good question 🙂 Because you asked that I think you can deal with no. 1 question. I think there is a good chance it will but of course he have more jQuery code programmed with 1.3.2 in mind. jQuery should be backwards compatible but dont know. Also there is a bunch of other scripts forced to load from theme so they are probably also quite old and might or might not have issues with newer jQuery. Just as newer script you add via plugins might not work with 1.3.2 – issues go both ways.

    Really a mess. Only reason I posted was because of interest for Arconix stuff. IF he had JS issues I would run away so had to check your site. Most likely a theme issue.


    The tabs are not working anymore.

    mean they used to work, before you did what? or before what ever updated? Theme is still crap but there could be other issue… Fun. May be you should start with what John Gardner said, exclude plugins one by one. Should magic happen do not forget theme issues. I think you simply need to find a new theme as he have had 1.5 year to update and fix this. So start looking for an alternative theme regardless tabs start working.

    Good thing is nearly any new Themeforest theme will have tabs build in, well not good for Arconix but it is good for a TF theme as then less reason to add code to it 😉 Your theme dev. is one of their top seller so do not go by numbers. Lesser known can be better. I have never bought anything from TF but if I had to I would look for updates, change log, technical issues in comments. And even more for older products. I would also check source of demo. Actually I would even check CSS, all of it. If newbie/lazy errors in CSS what about JS and PHP? Would ignore looks and such 100%. Should be able to tell if X dev. is just freelancer no. 839 jumping on WP train or actually do know WP. There are good devs. on TF so not hopeless task.

    I find it just adds horror but to be fair to your theme dev. he actually only support WP up to version 3.1 Even then jQuery 1.3.2 was old but still. That is ThemeForest, and an “elite author” for you. I doubt there are technical reasons theme could not be WP 3.4 compatibility, he just has focus else where, sell more else where. And while doing that he keep selling this outdated stuff and TF lets him as when all gets money all are happy. Worst that could happen is grumpy users buy a new theme, probably on ThemeForest, and so it goes round and round 🙂

    Hey Fokkio,

    If you’re having trouble with this theme, please contact the theme’s author using the contact form on their profile page here:

    In the meantime, double-loading jQuery like this is not acceptable in our themes at ThemeForest, and I’ve sent a message to our team to look into this theme further.


    @tzdk @japh: Thanks for your answers.

    I did not know before that this was a problem with the theme.
    I will take the correct route and will contact themeforest/peerapong.
    I hope this problem can be solved that way.

    So this power elite author with sales >1000000$ has fixed this little issue or you have not gotten around to it yet? Just curious on what “not acceptable” means in TF world.

    If there is room for more messages then perhaps an idea to send out one saying that all themes not compatible with latest WordPress will be removed, like 1 month from now. Will come as a shock so must be fair, to developers… And of course same faith will fall upon those with newbie mistakes like forcing load of year old jQuery. Seems like unnecessary problems that can be fixed easily. Just like last year.

    Hey tsdk, in this case “not acceptable” meant that themes submitted using non-bundled jQuery will not be accepted for sale on ThemeForest.

    Obviously there’s still some issues with the existing library conforming to current standards. A little while after WordPress 3.0 was released, we gave authors a notice period and removed all themes that weren’t updated to be compatible with WordPress 3.0. Perhaps it’s time to do something similar again, with 3.5 just around the corner.

    Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    Yes it would be a good idea. Unless you regard TF themes closed products not seeking incompatibilities (being LAZY!) is required. I do not understand why it is so difficult.

    Alternative is to declare that extra “3rd. party” code is not supported. You are on your own. Could be a new section in right sidebar, Yes or no. I could go with that, How most use a TF theme anyway I think. Just make it known to buyers and other devs.

    No. 1 selling theme seems to force jQuery 1.4.2 btw.

    Unfortunately this discussion doesn’t help me any further. I have had no response from the maker of the theme yet.

    Ok. Well odds are not good when a dev. have no problems selling outdated code + hints he is fully aware of the blame game.

    After further digging, like finding customers using that no. 1 theme I am not sure it actually mess up. I think it used to. Their demo site force 1.4.2 from own theme folder but the 2 sites I found load it correctly. I wonder if I have witnessed a miracle, a TF dev. bothering to fix old mistakes. If he can so can the rest = there is hope!

    If the problem is not solved that is no recommendation for ThemeForest..

    I am trying to be sarcastic but also wont thrash no. 1 without reason. So I had to add that…

    If I wrote what I really think should be done employees, “reviewers”, devs. connected with TF I fear moderation would kick in. japh is also ever so pleasant, doing what he is paid for naturally 🙂 I know it sucks for you and now you are all concerned about script age, know dev. probably could not care less, you might end up spending much TIME to fix this. Devs are only concerned about their time.

    You could do what I believe most will. Say good bye to Arconix and look for other tab script. Easy solutions are always welcomed. Get something up but then also be on the look out for better theme with more active and code aware developer.

    TF could copycat the term “Deprecated” from WordPress. Slap that on not updated themes. You could still buy them but have been warned. One day they might not work.

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