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    I’ve got 2 new problems with the accordion function.

    – When I begin a new post with an accordion, the excerpt displayed on the homepage is not the first paragraph of my post.

    This is the content of the second accordion which is put in the excerpt.

    Is there a way to be sure that the first sentence or paragraph of the first tab (accordion) will be used as excerpt ?

    – My second demand concern another problem with the accordion function.
    I’ve noticed that when we write a long text in one of the accordion (tab), we scroll down to read the post. But then, when we click on another tab, the screen rest at the same position (at the bottom of the previous tab).

    It’s a huge problem cause if people doesn’t scroll manually to the top of the browser when they click on a new tab, they could miss a part of the post.

    So, could you implement a function which makes the screen automatically go to the top of the browser when we click a new accordion (tab) ?


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  • Plugin Author John Gardner


    Thanks for sticking with my plugin despite your problems.

    Are you currently using my plugin on a live site I can visit? If so, could you provide the link? I’d like to take a look at this as it’s being used.

    Oddly enough, when I create a post that starts with an accordion, none of the accordion’s content shows up in the excerpt — it starts the excerpt with content that happens after my accordions end.

    As far as your second problem, I’m looking into seeing how I can get the browser’s position to return to the accordion’s location on click. I’ll have a fix in place as soon as possible.


    Yes I’m using your plugin on a live site.
    But it’s still under construction so, everything is not finnished yet.

    The website is in french, so sorry if you don’t understand what the texts mean.

    Here is the link to the homepage :

    You can see the wrong excerpt on the first post called “Découverte de l’Usine l’Occitane”.

    The excerpt displayed is the content of the second tab of the accordion I’ve used in this post, called “La Naissance du Groupe”.

    This is weird cause it must have been the content of the first tab which would have been displayed.

    Here is the link to the full post :

    – Then for the second demand, here is the link where you can see the problem with long texts in the tabs of the accordions :

    When people click on a new tab of the accordion, the screen doesn’t go automatically to the top, so you could miss the beginning of the paragraph.

    Thanks to help me 😉


    So had you checked my 2 problems ?

    It’s very important for me to make it work.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    My plugin doesn’t have the capability to control what text shows up in the post excerpt. I downloaded the Marolitos Theme you’re using and it looks like they’re using a non-standard way of displaying the post-excerpt on the front page. I have a feeling that is the source of the problem. If you open up the index.php and find line 34, you’ll notice the theme author is using his own function to display the content, truncate_post( 500, true ). I’m not sure if this will work or not, but if you change that to the_excerpt(), I believe the front page will start behaving like you and I think it should.

    As far as item #2, I’m still trying to figure out how to attack it in the least intrusive way possible. I’m not a jQuery expert, and I have to see how changing the scroll behavior when an accordion closes effects accordions of all sizes (I wouldn’t want browser windows bouncing all around when small accordions close). Unfortunately I don’t have a finish date on such functionality.

    You’re right, I have changed the truncate function by the_excerpt() and it works even better.

    But it’s very important for me that the screen scrolls to top of the browser when people click on an accordion tab.

    Cause, if it doesn’t work, I must do without your plugin.

    I really need to be sure that people have read the entire paragraphs and not to miss a part of the text.

    Thanks to do all you can to implement this function.

    I’ll be very sad to not use your great plugin for this simple reason.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    I’m glad we got the 1 problem out of the way.

    If there’s another accordion plugin you’ve seen that has that functionality you need, please tell me so I can look at their code for guidance. Other than that, all I can say I’m doing the best I can and will implement some kind of fix as soon as I can.

    Thanks for your patience, however if you can’t wait, I certainly understand.

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