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    Love this plugin, but it’s imperative for my work that I link the portfolio image to a separate, individual page of my choosing. In your wiki you write:

    “Image is the only supported attribute at this time. Setting that value to page would require the user to create a “single-portfolio.php” file, write the code necessary to handle a page dedicated to that post type and place that file in their theme’s directory. Since each theme’s structure is different, there’s no real way for the plugin to be able to natively handle that.”

    Can you elaborate on this? Like, for dummies? I get that each theme is unique, but if you could identify the properties / code (maybe an example of some sort?) it would go a long way in helping me achieve it.

    I’m very much so willing to put in the work to make linking each image to a unique page.

    Great work on the plugin! I look forward to your response.

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  • Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi devonscalisi, thank you for using my plugin and for the kind words.

    I’ll write a blog post this week that goes through step by step using the TwentyTen theme as an example (TwentyEleven does some really custom stuff with featured images), but here are the steps in a nutshell.

    1. Make a copy of your theme’s single.php file and rename it to single-portfolio.php.
    2. Inside that file, modify the loop to pull the portfolio custom post type and display the featured image. You can look in my plugin folder at includes/class-portfolio.php starting at line 269 which is where I start my loop for reference.

    It’s not terribly difficult, but like I said, I’ll have a more thorough walkthrough for you this week.



    It’s a wonderful plugin you’ve made, JG. I happily wait for your blog post, and will also happily promote this plugin. Well done, sir.

    I’m using your great plugin to display the professional boxers from a boxing gym as a portfolio.

    Sorry for my basic questions:

    – Is it is possible to get the named underneath each subject, rather than the way they are above at the moment?

    – And is it somehow possible to create categories? For instance so I could create a “Trainers” portfolio set that up on the Trainers page?

    – I had a heading on the page, but it ended up at the bottom of the page even if I had the shortcode under it in the text editor (as below)?

    <h1>Our Fighters</h1>
    [portfolio link=”page”]

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi zelky,

    Thank you for using my plugin. No harm in asking questions, no matter how basic you may think they are.

    – I’ll add a shortcode parameter that will allow you to specify the item title’s location.

    – Though I haven’t tested it yet, my initial reaction says such functionality is already present, we would just need to modify the portfolio query arguments, which can be done through functions.php I’ll investigate and get back to you.

    – That’s an interesting problem. It is a bug, though I can’t for the life of me figure out why. To get around that for now, does your theme allow you to display the page title?

    Thanks for your answers.

    My second question wasn’t asked very well. I basically should have asked if its possible to set up separate portfolios? I’d like to have the Trainers in a separate portfolio?

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    Do you want them in a separate portfolio from the WordPress dashboard side or the front-end or both?

    Sorry jgardner let me try I’ve been so busy I’m not communicating so well.

    I would like to set up separate portfolios on separate pages.

    On the “Our Fighters” page I’d like to set up one portfolio featuring the gyms professional and amateur boxers.

    Then I’d like to set up a separate portfolio on the “Our Trainers” page that only feature the gyms trainers.

    If its not possible, in the long run I think I will change the name of the “Our Fighters” page to “Our Crew” or something similar, and feature the professional and amateur boxers, and the trainers, all in the one portfolio. One page and one portfolio featuring everyone!

    I guess half the problem is it is unusual to display people and their profiles in a portfolio. It is usually a display of a web designer or photographers work, so most plugin developers probably think there is no need to go beyond categories.

    The other problem is I do not know any PHP so I cannot visualise what is possible when it comes to features etc for plugins such as your one.

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    no worries…

    I’m fairly certain the plugin can do that currently, with a little modification. Right now you’re using the feature tags and choosing amateur boxer or professional boxer. I’m thinking if you also added a tag called “trainers” and assigned that tag to the trainers in your portfolio, the query could be modified so that when the portfolio is output on the separate “Our Trainers” page, it would only pull portfolio items assigned with that tag.

    As I noted, it’s something I have to test out a bit, but it’s functionality I’m really interested in adding.

    Awesome! If you need a test environment and someone to do some testing for the scenario I have created I have a copy of the boxing website on my personal web space and am very happy to help out:



    I am also very excited about the potential of this addition. Good thoughts, Zelky.

    Hi everyone,

    Great-looking plugin.

    I just downloaded this a few days ago and I was wondering if there has been any updates to a couple questions in this thread:

    1. Linking an image to another page. (Or linking an image to a portfolio item) Where can I locate the blog post mentioned above?
    2. Setting up seperate portfolios on seperate pages.



    Plugin Author John Gardner


    Hi atalsma,

    Thank you for using my plugin. I’ve written that tutorial on linking to pages instead of images. You can find it here:

    Regarding your second note, so long as you’re trying to exclude or include a single tag, you can do so by using the “terms” argument in the shortcode. You can read more about it on the Wiki page:

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Thanks for the reply,

    And for making the plugin, its great for a first time user like me.

    Your tutorial was great for linking to pages – success!

    I’d like to figure out how to create two different portfolios. 1 portfolio for Projects filtered by Sector (Energy, Transport, DIY, etc),and another for Travel Photos filtered by location (India, US, etc).

    I found a plugin (webphysiology portfolio) that seems to incorporate what I am referring to, but it lacks the filtering abilities built in that arconix portfolio has.

    I am almost wondering if the easiest thing might be to somehow create a copy of your plugin, that creates a custom post type called portfoliophoto, and only pulls from portfoliophoto. What do you think?

    I realize that a more elegant solution would be to define another category (as in webphysiology) aside from ‘features’ that would label each project as ‘photo’ or ‘project’ and then be able to pull either in a page. But my guess is that would be more time-consuming.

    If this makes sense, maybe you have a better idea?

    Plugin Author John Gardner


    Yeah, you could duplicate my plugin and screw around with it to get it working, but that would seem to be a great deal of work.

    Adding another taxonomy like “project type” would be easy and could be put in your theme’s functions.php or a separate plugin altogether (so as to keep it theme independent). Doing it that way would actually allow you to remove my [portfolio] shortcode and re-add your own that would also filter on this new taxonomy.

    I haven’t given up on being able to filter on multiple “features”, but it’s something I’ve been hitting a wall trying to resolve.

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