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  • After spending a good part of the day being frustrated trying to get various plugins to work, it occurred to me that the plugin API needs a debug mode, something that dumps data to the page being served so one can see what the heck is going on when something goes wrong.

    Why do I say this? Because most of the time a non-functioning plugin shows up as…nothing. No text. No fields. No anything.

    That makes it awfully hard to figure out what went wrong.

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  • whooami



    …not if you are using PHP’s built in error reporting and logging features. Most people that come here with blank page issues dont know enoug to explain how to turn that on, so it’s rarely recommended.

    It’s worth mentioning that without error reporting turned on, PHP errors, in general, result in blank pages . Thats a PHP thing, not a WP thing.

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