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  • The plugin is a good start, but there are a few Quality of life improvements needed to take this plugin from good to great.

    (1) Get the API Key to work on a staging subdomain. Every time I merge staging -> Live, the API key on the live site gets reset and I have to re-enter it. When I add the API key on the staging site, I get a “Plugin API error” saying “Adding API key failed: Site Not Registered/Verified In Bing Webmaster”.

    Presumably, this is because the site is on a .staging subdomain (same root domain though, so it seems like there should be a workaround this issue).

    (2) Bulk URL manual submissions within the plugin

    (3) Some feedback on the “Automate URL submission” aspect of the plugin. i.e. which pages were recently sent/removed from Bing’s crawling queue.

    Otherwise, as a user even though I have the automated submission enabled, I don’t have any feedback as to whether the plugin is functioning as intended.

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    Is there any way we can get this to work for staging domains?

    The URLs keep being submitted on the staging domain instead of the main domain (since posts are typically added to the staging domain first being merged into the live indexed site).

    Is there any way around this? 🙂

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