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  • I am trying to install plugins from the dashboard, but when I try to search or use the featured or popular button, I get the following error:
    An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.

    How do I resolve this issue?

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  • i have the same problem, anybody help us

    i have the same problem, anybody help us

    same here.


    “An Unexpected HTTP Error occured during the API request”

    Very annoying, don’t have a clue how to troubleshoot this one.

    same problem, and i can’t fix it on my own. please anybody?

    All I can tell, at this point, is that this is typically a proxy error. I have my site situated so that it bypasses the main proxy server, so I can avoid caching while the site is in development.

    Because of that, I think, I am getting the exact error you all are talking about in several places throughout the admin section.

    So anyone finally resolve this?

    I did.

    Short answer: Probably server DNS settings aren’t properly configured

    Long answer:

    wp-includes/http.php file has lines:

    $response = array( 'headers' => array(), 'body' => '', 'response' => array('code' => false, 'message' => false), 'cookies' => array() );
    		foreach ( (array) $transports as $transport ) {
    			$response = $transport->request($url, $r);

    Add line after to see the error:


    The cause of error is too long in the process of requesting the API plugin in the wordpress server so that the operation timed out. By default, wordpress give 5 seconds time limit to request a plugin. If within 5 seconds does not get a replay, then the process will be stopped and displayed an error “An Unexpected HTTP error occurred during the API request.”

    Open wp_include/http.php file on line 223

    ‘timeout’ => apply_filters( ‘http_request_timeout’, 5),

    change the script above into

    ‘timeout’ => apply_filters( ‘http_request_timeout’, 30),

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    Thanks efree_unix, I honestly didn’t think that would work because I have dozens of sites with the exact same configuration and only a few were giving this error, but i made the change you suggested and it worked.

    THANKS!! The timeout change to 30 worked like a charm.
    I had the same error when searching for a new plugin.

    “An Unexpected HTTP Error occured during the API request”

    I’ve got this same error message and have tried changing the timeout to 30 seconds with no joy. This began when I tried to activate 5-6 plugins at once and completely blocks my use of the admin dashboard.

    PS. I’m running wordpress 2.8.4 on linux (off a QNAP server) with no outside access so it shouldn’t be a DNS issue.

    The timeout limit fix did not work for me either.

    As this in my case is on a completely new install of WP (no added plugs) I suspected this error to occur to be caused by lack of WordPress API key under the Akismet plugin settings.

    However, trying that did not help either – neither has incrementiung the limit (as per fix above) to 45 secs).

    Help would be appreciated


    same problem.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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