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  • Hello,

    I am trying to figure out how to add new themes, like the ones that Mottie created (, however I am having no luck at all.

    I put these new theme files in the same css folder as the other AnythingSlider themes and I even tried editing the plugin php file so that it would be possible to choose the new themes from the dropdown in the AnythingSlider settings, but nothing seems to work.

    Here is the code I added:

    function jtd_anything_slides_theme_callback() {
    	$options   = get_option( 'jtd_anything_slides_options' );
    	$theme     = $options['theme'];
    	echo "<select id='theme' name='jtd_anything_slides_options[theme]'>
    		<option value=''" .                  selected( $theme, '', false )                  . ">Default</option>
    		<option value='construction'" .      selected( $theme, 'construction', false )      . ">Construction</option>
    		<option value='cs-portfolio'" .      selected( $theme, 'cs-portfolio', false )      . ">CS Portfolio</option>
    		<option value='metallic'" .          selected( $theme, 'metallic', false )          . ">Metallic</option>
    		<option value='minimalist-round'" .  selected( $theme, 'minimalist-round', false )  . ">Minimalist Round</option>
    		<option value='minimalist-square'" . selected( $theme, 'minimalist-square', false ) . ">Minimalist Square</option>
    		<option value='default-1'" . selected( $theme, 'default1', false ) . ">Default1</option>
    		<option value='default-2'" . selected( $theme, 'default2', false ) . ">Default2</option>
    		<option value='mini-dark'" . selected( $theme, 'mini-dark', false ) . ">Mini Dark</option>
    		<option value='mini-light'" . selected( $theme, 'mini-light', false ) . ">Mini Light</option>
    		<option value='office'" . selected( $theme, 'office', false ) . ">Office</option>
    		<option value='polished'" . selected( $theme, 'polished', false ) . ">Polished</option>
    		<option value='ribbon'" . selected( $theme, 'ribbon', false ) . ">Ribbon</option>
    		<option value='shiny'" . selected( $theme, 'shiny', false ) . ">Shiny</option>
    		<option value='tabs-dark'" . selected( $theme, 'tabs-dark', false ) . ">Tabs Dark</option>
    		<option value='tabs-light'" . selected( $theme, 'tabs-light', false ) . ">Tabs Light</option>
    	echo "<span class='description'>Select a theme, or leave blank for default</span>";

    However, I am having no luck, I can see the “Polished” theme in my AnythingSlider plugin now, but when I select it and update the site the slider is still using the following css: “anythingSlider anythingSlider-default activeSlider” and I can see that the AnythingSlider plugin switched back to the default theme.

    Sorry, this might be a silly question, but I am not sure what I am doing wrong. If anyone is able to help I would be very grateful.


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  • Plugin Author Jacob Dubail


    What you can do is create your own stylesheet in your theme directory. The plugin will check for the existence of anythingslider.css (or is it anythingslides.css) and load it instead of one of the pre-compiled themes. Then, just add any necessary images to your theme and reference them appropriately from your stylesheet.

    Make sense?


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