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  • I am just going to through out some thoughts/comments.
    Perhaps some of these are covered already.

    I have been looking for a featured content slider meaning that I would like to show an image and the text content beside it. An image perhaps on the left or right and page/post text next to it, with perhaps a link so someone can click it to go to the specific page/post. Perhaps even a title above the specific content and perhaps some content below the slide.

    Documentation for the Wp slider? Where does it say how to use the slider?
    How can web help with getting the UI looking more user friendly? What about adding smaller images with a possible lightbox to bring up samples. Change the setting and the little image and lightbox changes. Kinda like doing a show and tell.
    Or perhaps the bottom of the Appearance tab can have an image showing the various options the user selected. This would make the options visible right away without having to leave the appearance tab.

    There would be a sample tab showing different slide samples. The user could then perhaps pick one of the samples and click a button that says use. The settings will then change to reflect the selected slide. If one can create multiple slides, then one could select multiple samples, and the short code would show what one needs to write in the visual or html section of the page or post.

    Beside the samples there would be some quick options for the most logical changes one would make right away to it. For further changes the user goes back into the various tabbed areas.

    Advanced sample would then be the one I use on my own web site
    Title above the slide
    Slide – video/image
    tabs below slide to go to other slides
    html content below.

    I noticed Mottie (heya Mottie seems the Anything Slider has picked up…:) Nice to see) mentioned he had added some additional themes. These will be added under the Theme tab, right?

    Hmm my brain turned off perhaps I said what I needed to say for the moment…

    O’yeah one more thing. How does Flexslider: compare to Anything Slider? They seem pretty similar…

    Have a great day!

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  • Hi Paal!

    I think Jacob has that request to make it a feature slider, but I’m clueless about WordPress, so I’ll divert that question to him.

    I was planning on helping Jacob with the WP plugin, at least some of the javascript part ;), so I’ll look into adding some theme popups, or something… I’m still working on learning php.

    As for themes, maybe this post will answer it for you? I have a bunch of new themes over here.

    It looks like Flexslider is pretty similar. There are lots of sliders out there, you just have to find the one you like 🙂

    Hey Mottie!

    It is good to hear from you again!

    Glad to see that you have created a few extra themes. I might just use a mix of them to create my own. I put the slider aside for now as I have a few other projects to finish first, but I look forward to testing it out again. Integrating it into my which has been on a stand still for a while now. I plan on moving the site into WordPress soon.

    I hope that the WP plugin Anything Slider will find a way to move forward. To make it easier for the non css coder to create a cool slide by using various options in the backend.

    Have a great day!


    I was checking out Billboard plugin and here is a video of how they customize the look:

    What about doing something like this for Anything Slider?

    Have a great day!

    Another thing….

    Let’s say that we want to copy the look of this slider:

    Mousing over the buttons a thumbnail comes up.

    What about making a theme similar to this? It looks very nice with the thumbnails that come up. And the slight curve is also very nice.
    Can you make a theme similar to this and a tutorial on how to use it?

    Basically copying some of the best stuff from other slides and using inside Anything Slider and extending it at the same time.

    Then we could perhaps take the information and use it inside and outside of WordPress.

    I am thinking of ways to extend and use Anything Slider.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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