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  • I’ve encoutered the same problem, used the mentioned workaround before and that worked fine, but know I can’t get it back to work 🙁

    Is this plugin still supported?
    Does anyone know another plugin to use with Picasa feeds?

    I think I found the problem.
    This new error happened to me when I upgraded the Workpress framework to version 3.2.1

    Here is the background (semi-accurate)
    From what I can tell, WP 3.2 updated jQuery to version 1.6.1 (I must have been running a pre 3.2 install before the upgrade)
    There are some changes with the way jQuery handles quotes and escape characters in version 1.6+

    Here is the fix: Escape the colons!
    Go to the installed plugins section of WP.
    Click edit next to Anyfeed Slideshow.
    On the right, choose the file “anyfeed-slideshow/anyfeed.php”.
    In this file, find the line: nodeName=media:
    Change it to: nodeName=media\\:
    Also find the line: nodeName=content:encoded
    Change it to: nodeName=content\\:encoded

    This should work and as with my previous fix, realize that if the author updates the plugin without either of these fixes, you will have to make the changes manually again.


    Ah. Thanks! That helped. The slideshow is now displaying again, but the images are not coming through full size. They’re about a third the size they should be. I tried replacing the underscores that I removed after following these directions, but then the images were even smaller….much smaller. So I once again removed the underscores.

    Any ideas on how to get the slideshow to display full size images?

    You can see my slideshow at The images are suposed to be 765×300.


    I think you need to set your anyfeed preferences to “Content” instead of “Thumbnail”

    When I go to your site and manually re-trigger the anyfeed jquery init but change thumbnail to content, it looks good.

    It was already set to content. But I saved as thumbnail and then resaved again to content and now it works perfect!

    Thanks SO much for your help!!

    Great News! 🙂
    Glad I could help.

    Wey, awesome, worked for me as well. Thank you!

    Do you happen to know if ít’s possible to resize the images?
    As a workaround and / or cherry topping I wondered if one could open the pictures from the stream via WP-Slimbox2. In combination with other plugins (like Blip-Slideshow) you add the ref=lightbox tag or activate auto Picasa link support to be able to show them full size.

    I think you could.
    You most likely just need to add a bit of jquery that adds the ref/lightbox property to each of the images in the anyfeed div.
    What is the url to your site?

    I’ve put both plugins in the home sidebar.

    You can see WP-Slimbox in use at the bottom of this post:
    Click on a slide and it’s display full size, unfortunately I couldn’t get navigation (like in a gallery) working on it, maybe it’s just technically not possible.

    are both of the plugins on working correctly right now?

    Thank you for discussing the fix above…It was driving me crazy! It worked, but now it is placed too low on the page (overlaping header text). Anyone have any thoughts of what needs to be updated? Website is:


    Hey jfreake, now that you mentioned it I noticed that it seems to be broken again :S

    I checked that both fixes are applied, removed the plugin and inserted it again, as well as I deactivated all other plugins so there might be another issue that causes the problem.

    It’s quiet a bugger for I haven’t done anything to! The only thing that changed are the vhost settings since I moved the domain from one to another provider.
    Probably I will let go of the idea to get it to work properly.

    Also I coulnd’t get WP-Shadowbox to work on the Picasa Widget, I thought it might be sufficient to place a rel=”lightbox” in the $item[‘link’] as I failed to implement it in any of the three href lines.

    $rss = fetch_rss("".$options['username']."?kind=album&alt=rss&hl=en_US&access=public&max-results=".$maxres);
    	if (is_array($rss->items)) {
    		$i = 0;
    		foreach($rss->items as $item) {
    			$titlu = $item['title'];
    			$titlu = str_replace("'","",$titlu);
    			$titlu = str_replace('"',"",$titlu);
    			$link = $item['link'];
    				$result .= "<li><a href=".$item['link']." target=_blank>".$titlu."</a></li><p>";
    			if (count($albums)!=0 && !in_array($item['title'],$albums))
    			$path = $sub[1];
    			$path = str_replace("s160-","s".$options['width']."-",$path);
    				$result .= "<a href=".$link." target=_blank><img src=".$path." class=picasa-widget-img hspace=".$space." vspace=".$space." style='border:".$border."px ".($bcolor==""?"":"solid ".$bcolor)."' alt='$titlu' title='$titlu'></a>";
    				if($catecoloane!=1 )
    				if(($i+1) % $catecoloane==0)
    						$result .= "<br>";
    						$result .= "";
    					$result .= "<br>";
    						$result .= "".$titlu."<br>";
    					$rss2 = fetch_rss(str_replace("entry","feed",$item['guid'])."&kind=photo");
    					if (!$rss2)
    					foreach($rss2->items as $item2) {
    						$titlu = $item2['title'];
    						$titlu = str_replace("'","",$titlu);
    						$titlu = str_replace('"',"",$titlu);
    						$path = $sub[1];
    						$path = str_replace("s288","s".$options['width'].(picasa_widget_square($options['width'])?"-c":""),$path);
    						$pozele[$j++] = "<a href=".$item2['link']." target=_blank><img src=".$path." class=picasa-widget-img hspace=".$space." vspace=".$space." style='border:".$border."px ".($bcolor==""?"":"solid ".$bcolor)."' alt='$titlu' title='$titlu'></a>";
    Plugin Author Soleil Golden


    Thank you, Jfreake, for lending a helping hand in my absence! I have added this fix to the latest version.


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