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  • pixelyzed


    I would like to know that as well. Most of my sites are multisite networks (bilingual sites) and one is a much larger multisite install with 66 sites on the network.

    I like that Antispam Bee does not “ping” external servers and would like to replace Akismet with it.

    Anyone made a comparison between the two for server resources load?



    Antispam Bee works fine on my multisite installations. However, I don’t run a network as big as pixelyzed and therefore can’t answer the questions about the server load…

    Just thought I’ll add my 2p to this discussion. This are just ideas but it would be nice to hear what others think :

    1. I’m not sure how “Allow comments only in certain language” works but it would be nice to be able to define a custom list of languages (more then on) similar to “Block comments and pings from specific countries”.

    2. Maybe add a few more “Search comment spammers in …” projects: …or how about the ability to add custom projects? Though, this might have to be done via a plugin/hook interface.

    3. Maybe consider using existing checks (IP / email address) to protect against spam registrations as well as spam comments.

    @sarangan112: Yes, would be very nice to see dedicated multisite support, especially the ability for super-admin to set global settings for all sites on the network.

    @pixelyzed: No idea about resources load, sorry.

    I tested in multisite and it didn’t worked.. I have a multisite install with about 4356 blogs in it..

    Hmmm … that’s a lot of blogs! 🙂

    I’ve tested the plugin on my development server which only has 6-ish blogs, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how the plugin behaves in a big scale mu-environment, especially if it has over 4,000 blogs.

    In my case, plugin was Network Activate and appeared forcibly enabled for all users of the multisite (as Network Activated plugin should). However, there was no way to define network default settings and each user was able to customise setting to their own needs.

    I could fix the latter issue by hiding the menu item using Admin Menu Editor but I believe that the former issue (network wide defaults) definitely needs to be addressed before the plugin can be used in mu environment.

    @ sarangan112: When you say “it didn’t work”, did you get any errors? Anything in the logs? Could you give us a few more details? I would be very much interested to learn what happened.

    @dmytro: As you may have noticed this topic is 2 months old. I have bad memory power and really can’t remember what that was failed when I activated this plugin for my multisite installation.

    I just activated again and couldn’t see any problems in it. Looks like it works but I’m not sure because I couldn’t see anything related to this plugin in html source for blogs.

    But activation didn’t threw any exceptions/errors. So I hope it works.

    What I want is to hide that link to Antispam Bee plugin settings page, under settings for blog owners.

    @sarangan112: If hiding the link from normal users is the only objective then have a look at Admin Menu Editor. It can hide/move/edit admin menu links and restrict access to the plugin’s settings page based on user’s capability/role.

    PS: I appreciate that the thread is quite old and to be honest I didn’t really expect a reply … I’m just hoping that Sergej will take notice of it, as it would be ace to be able to use AntiVirus, Antispam & Statify in multisite environment.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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