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  • I can confirm that. Yesterday, for instance, Antispam Bee hasn’t filtered over 80 spam comments (all about Gucci).

    The same is happening to me. The plugin is not filtering spam comments. Perhaps it needs an update.

    Same here, though it is filtering quite good (around 200 of 280 total per day and blog). But before that, we reduced spam to 0 with the help of this plugin, so something happened to get around the plugin 🙁

    Confirmed in WP 3.4.2 Multisite with AntiSpamBee 2.4.3 (not site-wide, but manually activated for the main site). Tried different options such as switching off the use Honeypot option, no luck. No idea where the behavior might come from.

    At my sites it seems to work fine again. I hope everything will be solved for the rest of us as well!

    The problem still persists: A few days ago, I had ~700 spam comments with “Vuitton”, then a few hundred “Uggs”, and today more than 4000 with “Nike”, with more coming in. I had to shut down my blog to avoid the onslaught.

    I was afraid the plugin had somehow deactivated, but according to the plugin page, it is still activated.

    BTW, is there another way for mass-deleting comments by keyword, besides using “Search” on the “Comments” page and using “Bulk Actions”? Because that only works with a maximum of 250 comments per page, otherwise I get a “Request-URI too large” error.

    Thanks for help!

    Same in my bog; the last days over 170 spam comments.

    Same problem here. Lots of blogs with lots of spam. :/

    The bug needs to be fixed soon, otherwise I must switch to another plugin.

    I may be getting the same spammer. It’s listed as coming from a .uk domain, although I have not verified the IP addresses to see if that’s valid. Is this the case with the rest of the posters here?

    Any updates on this, please ? How has Antispam Bee been performing these last few weeks ?

    @photomaldives AntiSpam Bee has been doing a very job job again on my sites, thanks to the author’s great efforts.

    It seems a significant portion of the comment spam we have been seeing for a couple of weeks now doesn’t make “sense” even if you look at it from the perspective of a spammer. Meaningless or even no URLs, strings of random text that doesn’t even consist of words… On the other hand IP addresses still are changed very often which means somebody must be interested for those “meaningless” comments to pass by plugin filters. Seems odd to me…

    Anyway, updating AntiSpam Bee has reduced my daily dose of comment spam by 90-95% again.

    Hi Caspar – thanks for taking the time to reply. 🙂

    I will give this plugin a go and see how it performs on my sites too.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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