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  • Terrific plugin, thankyou!

    I have nominated to have my listing with BOTH paid AND free options.

    I have a Fess option of $0.00 to give the lister a free option. However they still MUST click on Paypal as the chosen method of payment before they can move on. But here’s the catch… a feee of $0.00 will not get diverted to paypal like a Fee of $1.00 will.

    SO, is there the possibility to make they plugin work so that ANY fee option of $0.00 doesn’t require the paypal option to be chosen before they can move on?

    OR, in the least have some customisable text (one that can be changed from within the CP) that explains that clicking on paypal will not in fact require the lister to use paypal if the fee option chosen is the Free option.


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  • Here’s another option… Can I modify the plugin core code so that if I ONLY have PayPal as the payment option then then paypal check circle os AUTOMATICALLY checked and hidden form view, that way free listers wont be confused.

    Funny. I was also thinking that you could set the plugin to paid mode but offer a free option if the plugin could bypass the payment options when the zero value is detected.

    This is what i’ve done… but you have to have only ONE payment option (in this case I’ve chosen PayPal…

    starting on line 3157 of awpcp.php

    //configure the pay methods
    				if($adpaymethod == 'paypal'){ $ischeckedP="checked"; } else { $ischeckedP=''; }
    				if($adpaymethod == '2checkout'){ $ischecked2co="checked"; }else { $ischecked2co=''; }
    					$paymethod="<div class=\"headeritem\">Payment gateway</div><p >Your payment gateway will be ";
    					if(get_awpcp_option(activatepaypal) == '1'){
    					$paymethod.="<input style=\"display:none;\" type=\"radio\" name=\"adpaymethod\" value=\"paypal\" checked=\"checked\"  $ischeckedP>PayPal<br />";}
    					if(get_awpcp_option(activate2checkout) == '1'){
    					$paymethod.="<input type=\"radio\" name=\"adpaymethod\" value=\"2checkout\"  $ischecked2co>2Checkout</br/>";
    					$paymethod.="<div style=\"clear:both;\"></div>";}

    Hi perthmetro, SS_Minnow, excuse any delay responding to your inquiries but I don’t always remember to check this page so please refer to the plugin website for support. In answer to your question, I will definitely see about better handling of the $0.00 option with regard to the paypal button.

    whereabouts on your website do we ask for support?

    You can leave comments at

    Nice web site.

    I can’t see anywhere on the front page where to leave any comments?

    do you have an exact url ?

    Use the contact link at the top of the page, or:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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