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    I have been testing this plugin for past 6months, but no luck. Whenever I install and check, I am getting huge problems and finally the wordpress site is corrupted and need to lose the work.

    Eventhough entire plugin is so buggy, I list out few points here.

    * Changing the page names are not reflecting other than the default names.
    * So many duplicate entries of pages.
    * Search widget is not working.
    * Created new category and posted ads, but they are showing.
    * When sharing on facebook, the codes such as [awpcp], … are displayed instead of page content.

    When the free plugins are so buggy, I don’t know how the premium modules can work well with this buggy free plugin.

    Also, saying good support is ridiculous, I had posted in support forums before 6months. Only few forum posts are approved in the forum to show there are best. Forum posts related to dangerous issues are removed there.
    No replies for email. If you are a new user, then you receive reply for only one time. Next time he will ignore your email.

    Finally, his aim is selling premium modules with so many bugs in them and there is no proper support.

    I strongly request wordpress community to analyse and remove this plugin from plugins list on since there are a huge people whose wordpress site is affected and those business should have lost due to this plugin.

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  • awpcp
    Posted 2 days ago #

    Use to resolve this and please post support requests in the main forum: I will respond there much quicker!

    If he replies like the above, then what we have to post in wordpress support forum. Do we need to simply say the plugin as good in wordpess support forum or what does it mean?

    Plugin Author awpcp


    Hi manosaravanan,

    First off, I would like to apologize for the crash issue. To you, to everyone. I am as frustrated as you are. I am also trying to get information from folks to help me reproduce it accurately, because I haven’t been able to locally, which has driven me crazy for a long time now.

    Second, I see that your username “manosaravanan” was banned in the AWPCP forum. Back in April, when you applied, I was getting heavy SPAM attacks from Indian IPs, similar to yours. I also apologize for banning you as a real user of AWPCP. The attacks were pretty intense and if I put you in that batch, I am very, very sorry. The forum was receiving up to 20 spam posts a day, which drowned out real support requests. I had to be heavy handed at the time to keep up. I did not mean to shut you off intentionally.

    Third, I do listen to all members of the community and don’t censor forum posts (visit there now if you don’t believe me:, they too are unhappy about the crash and I’m not hiding that fact, or any other post). I only delete spammy posts from the forum, which thankfully happen a lot less. If you create a new account (banning, unfortunately, is permanent), I will be sure not to ban you in the future.

    Fourth, I specifically ask to have folks post in my forum and not this one because I don’t get notifications here when new stuff shows up. It’s also difficult to search this as a new user for past fixes, issues, etc. And I can’t post to subforums like an FAQ service or enhancements, all of which I *can* do with my own forum. So that’s why I ask you to post there.

    Again, I’m dreadfully sorry about accidentally banning you but it was not intentional or an attempt to censor you…it was just bad timing. I would welcome you posting support requests about the plugin in the future.

    You just beat about bush here! What is the solution for the bugs in the plugin? Can you count the number of wordpress sites affected by your plugin?

    Saying that you have not reproduced and it does not occur for you is really pity.

    Simply installing the plugin and creating pages using it leads to duplication of pages and issues with them. Also, search widget is useless. I can list out huge issues as I am head of QA team.

    I was really proud about the good concept done in your plugin, but it is totally buggy and waste plugin. Also, saying the real users as spam users and banning them and apologizing them is not appreciated.

    You are lack person is identifying spammers and banning them. How can you ban entire Indian ips or something by guessing? Do you think this is an example for good support? How many of your real customers are banned by you as spammers after posting the issues in forum?

    How can you run the plugin when you can’t find and fix issues with them? I have been seeing these danger issues for past 3 months., no install support/live. No proper forum support. No proper response to emails. What do you mean by support and why are you taking the people to your forum section when there is no real response? Is your awpcp is popular as or to register and to keep posting on forums every day?

    It is really ashame to hear about difficult about handling 20 spammers per day. If you feel difficult, you should have analysed and gone with the right solution. If you can’t, close the forum or ask me I will tell to the way to control spammers.

    Fix the bugs or close the plugin. You will be punished asap if you keep on selling this buggy software. If you need send me your work & fixes, I will like out the bugs. Or hire someone for QA.

    Otherwise, I never leave you until …. and I am gonna form a unit with the people who got affected by your plugin.



    Forum Moderator

    @manosaravanan: Less of the threats, please.

    Plugin Author awpcp


    The last stable version of the plugin was, which you can download here. I am working on addressing bugs in the plugin as quickly as I can. If that isn’t something you are comfortable with, you are free to pick another product and I wish you success in your future endeavors.


    Nothing to say! You can’t ask me to choose another product. I am already looking for another product.

    I am talking about your current version only. So, please your name to “Buggy AWPCP” plugin!

    ha ha ha!

    manosaravanan, I’m reporting your comments to WordPress moderators. No need to make threats like yours to any person, much less about a free plugin.

    This thread is pretty old now, so I think we’ll just close it and leave it at that. I trust that everyone involved realises that threats are not welcome here.

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