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  • Hi terrylee, I have noticed you have been consistently posting negative feedback about the plugin since November 2009. It almost appears as if you have more than a motive to be helpful to the community. Almost as if you have a personal agenda.

    Regarding the post where you promise to make a classifieds that actually works since Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin, according to your statements, might look good but doesn’t work and is therefore useless (, is your product now ready? Could that be your purpose in returning 2 months later to write up more negative feedback about Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin?

    Personally, when I try a plugin and it does not work, I either go and look for another, or if I really like something about the plugin and would like to get it to work, I reach out to the developer or to the active user community. I must confess that I find it odd that you never tried to get help for whatever problems you were having with the plugin, yet, for some strange reason you have tried to make it work for 2 months?

    Your first comment that the plugin doesn’t work and that you would build one that actually works, posted back in November, should have been enough. You came back again and posted a second negative comments days later, and now, here you are two months later posting negative feedback again, this time posting something that will surely steer people away from using the product: “not robust enough, spammers can so easily crash it with ease.”

    When I created this product there were other classifieds products already available, but it never occurred to me to attempt to persuade people against using those products in order to get them to use mine. I figured Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin would be just that, another classifieds option to add to what was already available.

    You’ll find that users will usually try everything that’s available and choose the product that works best for them. There is no need for anyone who develops a product to take the approach of intentionally discrediting one product in order to generate interest in another. If your product is the better product it will do that job of steering interest away from other products for you on its own.

    If it is the case that your Classifieds product is indeed ready and that is the motivation behind your latest shot taken at Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin, best of luck to you. I know there are plenty of people who are still searching for the perfect classifieds plugin. Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin has pretty good feedback from the many people who are using it, but they know and I know the product is not nearly perfect. Visit the support site and read through the posts and comments. You’ll get lots of ideas for how to make your product as close to being the perfect wordpress classifieds plugin as possible. Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin certainly has no hope of becoming that with a comment like what you’ve posted to scare people off from using it. False though your comment and posted with self-serving intentions, people usually err on the side of caution don’t they? I know if I were looking for a classifieds product and came across your warning I would definitely not use the product, so you might just have achieved your goal with that one terrylee. Congratulations.

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  • Hello awpcp I did try your product and I spent ages getting it to work. I did manage to get it to work,this was after many hours of work! What I liked about another classified wordpress, was that it has a nice clean and simple layout. I thought it would be just the job, so I installed it.

    It was running fine until I started getting errors showing up, I then realised what was happening! A few people were making post that corrupted my wordpress install, I simply uploaded a fresh copy of wp.

    I now see how they managed to do what they did, I simply disabled a couple of functions. But I will see if this is a real fix!

    I did try my own simple little code that I built, yes I will hold my hands up and say it was not fit for purpose. I admit I could not build one, yes I do admit I failed.

    Maybe with a little tweaking here and there, maybe awpcp will be the choice of bloggers who use wordpress, and would like a classified plugin.

    PS on re reading my comments, I do realise my comments may not have been helpful, but I do hope many users will benefit from your plugin.

    It works fine for me

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