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  • I installed and tested it, then one person placed an ad and now none of the links work. The awpcp web site says that they are not able to offer any support right now. I’m looking for a different plugin. It’s too bad because awpcp has a nice interface and good picture support (if you can get it to work), payment options, etc.

    Fixed! Thanks to the people at AWPCP. This is a really nice plugin. I’m glad I waited for it to be updated.

    Oh, of course now I have to see if the picture upload is also fixed. It used to be that when I’d try to add a picture I’d get kicked out of the “place an ad” routine. The ad would be placed but the picture would not.

    Oops, just noticed another thing. The sidebar widget now requires you to enter any html that needs to be before & after the widget or the widget title. My widget title was not displaying correctly until I noticed this…

    Image upload still not working for me. I browse to the image but when I click Submit it jumps me back to the “place an ad” page. There is some stuff about this on their forum so I’ll see if I can find anything out. I reeeeeaaalllly want this plugin to work!

    BTW, even in admin you can’t add an image from the Edit screen, which seems really wrong. The admin should be able to add, edit, or delete the images for a given ad.

    In my case, getting the images to work was a matter of adding the new wp_footer call to footer.php:

    <?php wp_footer();?>

    If your theme does not have this code in the footer, you should add it. Even if you don’t use this particular plugin it’s bound to come up eventually.

    Good to see it works…. it works fine for me on my site

    The owner has been incredibly helpful as he has worked through the development of this. ALL questions have been tended to very seriously… I strongly recommend this plugin 🙂

    Yes it works well and yes they have been great about working through all of the requests for changes. I set my site into paid mode (with a free option) now that I’m sure it works. Will have to kick in some $$ to the developer if I can sell some ads.

    A couple of things that are on my wish list though (I mean, in a perfect world) are:

    being able to sort the ads (right now it’s a mystery to me what order they appear in)

    being able to have featured ads (people who pay to rank higher in the search results)

    You can see mine at

    Mine stopped working again. I’m back to only the main page showing no matter what you click. 🙁

    All I had to do was go to Settings > Permalinks page and click update. I did not have to change any of the settings, just had to update them once. Fixed!

    I managed to get the plugin working, well sort of! It allows posting adverts, but when a person replies to ad,the message does not get through!!!

    HI ss_minnow I just checked out your classified site, does not seem to be working! Can’t view ads when I click them!

    Thanks for the heads up. I fixed it. I just had to save my Permalinks settings again. I don’t know why but that’s the second time I’ve had to do that to make the plugin work again.

    SS_Minnow… I’ve looked at the site you have posted for and the photography link that your picture leads to… did you design the buyfordwa website?
    I am very impressed with your work on the above site, and the professionalism of your website with the classifieds incorporated.
    I want to set up a classified ads site that is by subscription where there would be a tier membership based on number of months of the subscription, and I’m wondering if you offer your design talents for business and if so, what would be your charge for this?
    If there is a way for me to pm you so I don’t have to put any contact info in here, I would love to talk to you about your web design and possiblity of using your services?

    Thanks for your time!



    Does not work!
    This plugin does look realy nice, it has a great layout. It is a pity it would not work.

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