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  • Hello,

    A problem just cropped up this morning and I have no idea what could have caused it.

    When I log in and go to my Plugins page, my plugins are not listed. The page header explaining what Plugins are appears, but no plugins. The plugins I do have clearly still work because the blog looks right (ie – is behaving as if the plugins are working), but they do not list in the Plugins page.

    Second: My Presentation page just gives me a ‘cannot find page’ error. I can see it is there and its permissions are correct, so I can’t figure out the problem.

    These two problems are probably related because they started at the same time, but I did absolutely nothing to the blog this morning to cause it.

    If it matters, the URL is and I am running

    Any ideas?


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  • More info:

    I’m going to concentrate on the plugins problem for the moment. Anything under the line:

    <?php _e(‘Plugins are files you usually download separately from WordPress that add functionality. To install a plugin you generally just need to put the plugin file into your wp-content/plugins directory. Once a plugin is installed, you may activate it or deactivate it here. If something goes wrong with a plugin and you can’t use WordPress, delete that plugin from the wp-content/plugins directory and it will be automatically deactivated.’);?>

    In the plugins.php file does not execute. In fact, the page source simply ends at the last period after deactivated.

    I’ve added things like _e(‘hello’); and the like after the last semi-colon but before the closing php tag and it never shows up. If I make changes within the paragraph, they show up, but nothing afterwards.

    It seems like the _e() function (wherever that is) is puking and just never returning to the plugins.php file.

    Does that twink any bells?


    If you absolutely have made no changes to anything in your install, then you might like to check with your host to see if they “upgraded” something….

    They swear up and down that they didn’t touch anything. And I actually believe these guys. They’re not a cheap fly-by-night, I trust them.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that this has something to do with Technoratitagging plugin because it’s been acting weird lately but I can’t get rid of it. If I just take it out of the plugin directory my whole site goes down. And I can’t deactivate it properly because the pluging page won’t show.


    Ewww. Unbreakable concatenations are the pits…. good luck, sorry not to be of more help….

    Maybe you should take a dekko round the wp-options table in the database – there’s a section on “active plugins”….

    A dekko? Wassa dekko?

    Eh, sorry, grabbed that from a Brit friend: a look around…..

    I don’t see anything about plugins anywhere in the database…??

    In wp-options table, in one of mine that’s around line 2539 – this is the data from a database dump:

    INSERT INTO wp_options VALUES (45, 0, 'active_plugins', 'Y', 1, 'a:17:{i:0;s:0:"";i:1;s:15:"WeatherIcon.php";i:2;s:12:"adhesive.php";i:3;s:39:"bad-behavior/bad-behavior-wordpress.php";i:4;s:14:"ca_cpicker.php";i:5;s:15:"ca_stardate.php";i:6;s:13:"countdown.php";i:7;s:18:"enhanced-views.php";i:8;s:19:"mc_random_quote.php";i:9;s:15:"nicearchive.php";i:10;s:13:"noreferer.php";i:11;s:26:"pjw_wp_version_monitor.php";i:12;s:13:"quickpost.php";i:13;s:10:"shire2.php";i:14;s:18:"theme-switcher.php";i:15;s:18:"weighted_words.php";i:16;s:19:"wp-spamassassin.php";}', 20, 8, '', 1, 'yes'); [lord I hope this doesn’t fry the board tables….]

    *sigh* Wish it didn’t halfway hide stuff like that….

    Anyway, get a dump through phpmyadmin, then open the sql file with notepad2 and search for “plugins” (without the quotes)….

    Ahhh..I found it. My stupidness….

    OK, I pretty much give up restoring this installation. I want to reinstall it, but I need some guidance.

    For starters, I’ve already replaced ALL the files and it had no effect therefore the problem must be in the database. The last thing I did before all this happened was post using w.bloggar. Deleting the post I made with w.bloggar has no effect, but I have to assume it did something to the database.

    Here’s what I want to do:

    1. Delete ALL plugins from the database (the active plugins record we’re talking about)
    2. Do a database dumpe
    3. Backup my (heavily modified) theme
    4. Backup all my plugins
    5. Delete all the tables in the database
    6. Delete all files…everything
    7. Re-install WP
    8. Insert the database dump
    9. Replace all the plugins
    10. Assuming the plugin page works now, enable the plugins one by one in an attempt to figure out which one (if any) are the problems.

    The only downside to this that I can see is that if the db is corrupted anywhere other than the plugins then I’m just going to restore the corruption.

    Does that sound reasoable or am I missing something?



    9.5 replace my theme 🙂

    The same thing happened to me today. Wondering if you figured out a way to fix this? Without having to reinstall would be nice…?

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