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  • Hello,
    I have a WordPress e-commerce web page. There is an issue I am curious about. However, I could not find a definitive solution.
    I use a child theme so that the changes I made on the theme are not lost. But I know what can I do for plugins. What can I do so that the changes are not lost when the plugin is updated?
    For example; I made changes to the wooocommerce / templates / loops / result-count.php file. How to uppdate WordPress plugin without Losing Customization?

    According to my research, the following is suggested: “Copy and edit the same file on child theme in the same directory.”

    Yes I do this but the changes are not visible on the theme. Why could this be caused? Is there an alternative solution?

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  • Hi @loopforever,

    I guess you are copying the file to child theme root. Please move it to themes/YOURTHEME-child/woocommerce/templates/loop. You will be good then.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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    Thank you for your answer. I could not fully understand. Should I copy the Child Theme? Is that wrong ?

    1-) I go to cPanel> File Manager.
    2-) I enter the relevant web page folder.
    3-) I go to wp-content> themes> corresponding child theme folder (for example, wp-child). Is this wrong?
    4-) In this folder, I put “wooocommerce” (in this) “templates” (in this) “loop” (in this) result-count.php. Of course, I’m also adding result-count.php directly, with existing content. Then I’m editing. However, as I said at the beginning, I cannot see this in the theme. However, I can see if I make the same change directly from the plugins> edit plugin section in wp-admin.

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    You’re modifying a WooCommerce plugin file… right?

    You’re best bet is to ask them for help as this has nothing to do with the theme or WordPress itself. Most of the time you should leave plugins alone except as advised by the plugin author or else fork the plugin if needed to keep the plugin away from the update process.

    Asking the plugin author for help may give you some better advice, possibly a theme function instead (for inclusion in your child theme), and/or possibly cause a change or improvement to the plugin which might benefit many others.

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    Thank you so much. I wonder, what problem can occour if never update the plugin ?
    This can be in another plugin besides woocommerce.

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