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  • Hi Team

    We cant get 360 to fetch any data from MailChimp, it displays Google Analytics just fine bot no dice for MC.

    We have tried to remove 360 & reinstall
    Add a different API key from MC
    reboot the server 😉

    ANy help would be greatly appreciated as its a shame to have all of these great features if they dont work 🙁

    Please let me know whats needed from our side to help with the troubleshooting.


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  • I’m having the exact same problem. To further clarify: there is a little exclamation mark next to “List Growth” that says “Could not fetch MailChimp list data: Invalid MailChimp List ID” when you click it.

    Exactly the same here. Any idea?

    Thanks for the great plugin by the way

    Hi Everyone

    no one seems to be monitoring these posts any more its been quiet a while i have also posted in the google group as well with no reply.

    IMO plugins should not be supplied if updates are no longer made to thema and should be taken off or at least marked as no longer supported.

    I have also installed this plugin on a new instance of WP and it works, the setup is exactly the same, its on the same server etc.

    The only difference i can see is that i have not installed any other plugin yet to WP.

    Maybe of we pool our info together we can work out a solution.

    Here are a list of our Activated plugins on our broken instance of 360.

    AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Insert Link Class Plugin
    Jetpack by
    MailChimp Comment Optin
    RSS Image Feed
    TinyMCE Advanced
    W3 Total Cache
    WordPress SEO

    please let me know if your running any of these plugins so we can try to flush out if there may be soem sort of conflict.

    Thank you.

    Hi velocity08

    Great initiative. It’s good that you point out it might be a conflict. If you disable all your other plugins, does it work then?

    If yes, then can you try to enable them one by one until you detect the one that is causing the conflict?

    I cannot do it on my website right now because it is beeing consulted but I will do the same tonight.

    Let us know


    Well, believe it or not, but the conflictive plugin is… Mailchimp Widget, by Mailchimp!

    Could somebody from the plugin PLEASE have a look at this?


    Hi manoucho

    Thanks for the heads up, i decided to follow your lead in relation to trying the other mailchimp plugins first as i have a few too many to muck around with.

    And what do you know as soo as i deactivated “MailChimp Comment Optin” by 360 started working straight away.

    so theres something wrong with mailchimp plugins overlapping or having issues with the API when there is more than 1 in WP.

    Dose any one have anything to add to this?


    Thanks for the info.

    Well unfortunately I do not know code enough to solve this, but I expect it should be quite easy to fix for the developers of this plugin. If they ever read us 🙂

    Hey guys,

    Apologies for letting this slip under my radar for so long.

    While the MailChimp Widget and MailChimp Comment Optin plugins are third-party plugins (and thus, not officially supported), I can certainly pass this information along to our developers.

    Currently, it does appear that the MailChimp List Subscribe plugin does cooperate with Analytics 360.

    Appreciate your patience, here.


    Hi mc_nate

    Is that a typo in your statement are you saying that the plugins do work together?

    Your statement is confusing.

    We have found that they do not function together Mailchimp 360 only functions properly if and when “MailChimp Comment Optin” 360 is turned off.

    I specifically tested this on a new install with no other plugins installed appart from those 2 and can confirm that they conflict.

    Can you please clarify your statement and advise of appropriate action and a time line for resolution, even tho they are 3rd party plugins 360 is promoted by MailChimp and from what i understand was commissioned by Mailchimp if im not mistaken.

    If this is the case would it not make it MC responsibility to make sure the plugin work appropriately.

    Even if its not an MC plugin surly there must some duty of care or responsibility to make sure these plugins work before allowing them to be released and promoted on the MC website, a little like the Apple Apps Store all tested and verified before allowrd to be slod or used by the public?

    Im just voicing an opinion here, please advise if im mistaken in any way.

    Thank you.

    Hi mc_nate

    Thanks a lot for your message, we appreciate it!

    I also understand those plugins are 3rd party plugins, but as Gerardo says well for the common user they look very much to be “BY MAILCHIMP”.

    So I think the fact they don’t work and have no support at all at not really good for your brand image. I would say, fix them or get rid of them, but the current situation is a bit weird :))

    Do not take it wrongly, we love both plugins, and of course our hope is that they receive a fix any soon…

    All the best and thanks for reading us!

    Hey Gerardo & Manu —

    Sorry for any confusing language.

    What I meant to say was that it does look like some third-party plugins (such as “MailChimp Comment Optin” by Thomas Griffin and “MailChimp Widget” by James Lafferty) are causing some conflicts with Analytics 360. Since those are third-party plugins, I want to set the proper expectation that we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to fix things completely on our end, but I’ll definitely get it in front of our developers. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any sort of ETA for now.

    However, from testing in my own account, using the MailChimp List Subscribe plugin (which is provided by Crowd Favorite, but supported by MailChimp) in conjunction with Analytics 360, everything seems to work without a hitch.

    Again, I’m happy to provide the following information to our developers and I appreciate your patience while we look into things.


    I am having same problem and can’t find conflicting plugin. I don’t use any of the specific third party plugins mentioned above. Any other ideas for trouble-shooting this problem?

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