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  • Hi, awesome upgrade of this very useful plugin. Here’s something that also happened in the previous version, but didn’t matter too much given the particular settings I have; now something has changed that makes the public listing more troublesome. It’s about values that are stuck, i.e. no matter what I set the value to, the same value just sticks.

    On the “General” settings page, under “General Options” the surrounding HTML can be set for the CSV link and the cache refresh link. The CSV link works fine (the value can be changed, upon hitting Update the new value sticks) but the value for the cache refresh link is stuck to the value it has.

    A new issue (crept up with the update) came up in the “Overview” settings, where the Lists Overview is shown and things can be set per list with check boxes. The problem is that – while the values appear to be set – the settings has no effect for some values. To wit: show search, show per page, show headings, show csv link, show refresh (the sortable setting works, i.e. it changes upon Update). Meaning, I always have a search box, the number of shown per page remains the same (with the “show per page” box shown underneath, always) and the two CSV and cache refresh links always appear, no matter what I set it to. Again, this is even though the settings appear to have been changed (they show as checked / unchecked – the real value apparently isn’t changed).

    Very strange.

    I have already done a “reset all options” (not so happy as I had to redefine my lists again), and even resorted to uninstalling / reinstalling plugin – no dice.

    Maybe some JS issue? No idea what’s going on.

    Thanks again!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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