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  • And also, if you hide the headings and then perform a search, headings appear again.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Headings come from the ‘nice names’ at moment. So only way for now is to edit the nicenames to shorter ones and maybe add a   to force a space after the first in a column.

    Will bear in mind for a later update to allow headings per report using nice names as default.

    Re hide / search / popup – is that in the public view / front end side ? – was only intended for there.
    backend always shows.

    1. But I’m showing a lot of custom values per column, shorter nicenames or   don’t solve the problem.
    Look at the image

    2. Re hide / search / popup – it happens in the public view, very strange because if you want to hide the headings is because you want to hide the headings 😉


    Plugin Author anmari


    wow – amazing – never imagined it used like that.

    Are those sort of ‘tickbox’ columns (ie true/false or very short values?)
    My spanish is hopeless – are you sure you don’t want to make them have their own columns and somehow use css to force the headings to go vertically to use less space?


    I’ve got a few projects on the go, so it may be awhile, but I can see custom headings may be good to have.

    Will look into hidden headings bug soon as I can, maybe hide with css for now?

    Thanks for the tip but I think that is not for my case.
    What I’m doing is showing if a member is present or not in some provinces, and which are their activity areas.
    Look at this other screenshot.

    Any hint to add my own custom headings? I need it.

    anmari, can’t find your email for contact you for maybe a custom project, so if you don’t mind mine is carblanco @ gmail . com (remove the spaces).

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi carblanco,

    I’ve long ago given up re obfuscating/hiding my email.

    and gmail anti spam has got so good, normally not a problem.

    At moment I don’t think there is a way with current version. I need to add some filters, pluggable functions….

    you could try (this is totally untested right now, but if you tell me it works for you, I’ll leave it in the next update.

    Add aboveline 641 of ameta-list:

    $cols = apply_filters('amr-users-headings', $cols,$icols,$ulist);

    the next line should be
    foreach ($icols as $ic => $cv) { /* use the icols as our controlling array, so that we have the internal field names */

    and write yourself a little plugin with an
    ‘add filter ‘ call see and
    a function that accepts
    $cols – array of headings (the nice names)
    $icols – the internal field names (should ‘match’ $cols)
    $ulist – the list number (in case different headings for diff lists)

    modify $cols as you see fit and return $cols array from the function (must keep same number of elements)

    Let me know if it works for you and I’ll leave the code in (else it will be tested when next I can make mods).

    Hi anmari,

    Thanks but it’s hard for me, I’m not a developer/programmer.

    So, right now I’d only need that when doing a search, if I have hidden the headings, they don’t appear.

    Anyway I’m writing to you an email with the subject “help with amr-users” 😉

    Plugin Author anmari


    For the record, just worked out why carblanco’s headings are popping up in search – they are complex and the ‘data’ is included in the ‘technical heading’ line and that was coming up. Now both stored heading lines will be be excluded from search in next update.

    Quick fix until update
    change line 1032 from

    more to come

    WOW, fixed!
    Thanks a lot.

    P.S. You got an email

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