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  • Resolved DougJoseph


    I am using the latest download of this plugin… on WP 3.1…

    Each time I try to manually build a cache for a list, I get a screen telling me it was built, along with a link to view the list.

    But when I try to view the list, all I get is: “No cache exists for this report. It may be about to be rebuilt. Wait a few seconds, then try again.”

    The cache log shows nothing, and a cache progress chart seems stuck forever on saying this:

    Schedule background cacheing of report: 1
    Cache of 2 already in progress
    Cache of 3 already in progress
    Cache of 4 already in progress

    I downloaded the TPC Memory Plugin. It says I have 64M of memory, and that I am using about 45M of that.

    Any ideas whether this problem is due to 3.1 or some other issues?

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi doug,

    I have encountered this kind of caching problem, so far only on very low user # sites (like test sites). For some reason seems okay on my larger volume sites (?? weird)

    Things have been busy, so not yet had time to dig into, but must be something to do with the check rather than a memory problem.

    If anyone has php skills, feel free to have a look – it may be a simple silly thing.

    Cannot promise when, but am intending to get to it as I have a list of features I want to add for my own use (plus others that people have requested) .

    Note: there is “delete cache records” link somewhere which resets the records, however this did not stop the problem.

    If you can manage with 1 list – see if that works.

    I tried managing with one list, but it did not help. Thanks for trying.

    Hi anmari:

    I am thrilled to report that I found the source of the problem.

    I had activated the plugin via the Network Admin area, for all sites on the network. On a whim, I deactivated it there, and then went to the plugins page for the single blog where I needed the list (a secondary blog on the network).

    Boom! Instant success. The cache was built and the list is viewable!

    Hi anmari.

    I am so glad to have your excellent plugin working. Thank you!

    One question: What “role capability” is needed to be able to export CSV?

    I created a custom role, and gave it the “list_users” capability. It can access the list (view it). But when I try to export CSV with it, I get taken to a generic view of the dashboard at this location:


    Thanks again for such a great plugin!

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi doug, I see no reply from me here and yet the question looks familiar – did you get it sorted out ?

    Yes, we did!

    Thank you!

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