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  • hostgator just shut me down, quoting high cpu load … they actually blamed it on another plug in, but based on the ‘site requests’ they mailed me, I see it’s actually coming from the ‘amr events calendar or lists with ical files’ plug in

    here’s what they emailed me … any help??? (btw, I did just update the plug in and asked them to turn me back on to monitor)

    if the site is up and running by the time you see this, it’s at


    Current Site Requests: /cal/?listtype=1&events=50&start=20481001&months=256 /cal/?listtype=1&events=50&start=20081101&months=1 /cal/?events=50&listtype=1&start=20121208&months=0 /cal/?listtype=1&events=50&start=20961201&months=512 /cal/?listtype=1&events=50&start=20860701&months=256&months /cal/?events=50&start=20130801&agenda=1&months=32&monthsoff /cal/?start=20970301&monthsoffset=-128&agenda=1&events=10&m /cal/?events=50&start=20130714&agenda=1&months=8 /cal/?events=10&start=20090501&monthsoffset=-8&agenda=1&mon /cal/?listtype=1&events=50&start=20500101&months=64&monthso /cal/?listtype=1&events=100&start=20111101&months=1&monthso /cal/?listtype=1&events=50&start=20480101&months=256&months /cal/?start=20970101&events=100&agenda=1&months=512&monthso /cal/?agenda=1&start=16061016&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16170328&months=0&startoffset=0&events /cal/?agenda=1&start=16270410&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&days /cal/?agenda=1&start=16281120&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16290119&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16410327&months=0&days=225000&events=1 /cal/?agenda=1&start=16410516&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16561128&months=0&startoffset=-90000&e /cal/?agenda=1&start=16610205&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16610406&months=0&startoffset=0&events /cal/?agenda=1&start=16630721&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16631023&months=0&startoffset=-36000&e /cal/?agenda=1&start=16640321&months=0&events=10&startoffse /cal/?agenda=1&start=16660107&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16660107&months=0&monthsoffset=-1&even /cal/?agenda=1&start=16660410&months=0&startoffset=-18000&e

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Tracey,

    Those requests are probably the google web crawler trying to index your site. Hard for the plugin to influence. You can influence by telling google to ignore parameters (not index future events) via google webmaster.



    I’ve been experiencing high CPU throttling as well, no errors at all. I may have isolated the incident down to this plugin. For my events, I left the cache set to clear at 24 hrs. I’m also using Quick Cache since it worked better than the other two plugins I tried. My general cache is set to clear after 12 hrs.

    Sometimes I receive up to 1800 seconds of throttling per hour. When I had my general cache set to clear every hour, I had about 3600 seconds of throttling per hour.

    The only thing I’m sure of is when this plugin is disabled my server doesn’t throttle at all.

    I’m on a shared host with a server running PHP 5.3.

    Any recommendations? Otherwise, my arrogance may be well to blame.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Polyfade,

    some more info on how many events, how using (recurring and if so what kind) and what limits you have set (days/months, no events etc) would be useful. are you using external ics files ? how many ? do they have a lot of events in them (open file via a text editor) ?

    Meanwhile some things to look at:

    If using internal events (possibly recurring)

    at the moment cleaning up ‘old’ events is semi-manual. You’re a user from way back I think, so maybe you have lots of old events? Go to the settings area and look at the expired events area and run some of those tools – mark and clean up your old events. Although some improvements have been made to try to determine and exclude events that are no longer relevant (using a last date), because events can recur, the plugin may still be having to check old events, in case they recur into the future – it doesn’t know until it fetches the event.

    Practical Limits
    It is very important to set the ‘limits’ sensibly with regard to the sorts of events you have and the amount you need to show. eg: if you usually have about 5 events a month and only want to show a max of 10, DON”T set days to 365…. the plugin will have to waste time fetching 365 days worth as it doesn’t know until it has them whether they have recurrences, exceptions etc that would causes the event to display or not. Maybe 60 days would be ‘safe’.

    Recurring events

    it is possible to create situations where the plugin would probably have a lot of cpu work to do with recurring events.

    EG: if you have events that recur forever and then specify 365 days as a limit to the event list, but say only show 20 events in total, UNTIL the plugin generates the recurring instances for 365 days for ALL available events and sorts them, it won’t know which 20 to show as events can have mods, exclusions etc

    What sort of events/limits have you set ?

    a’background’ post that may help
    looks like we need a writeup on the limits and interaction.

    as for arrogance – depends what you being arrogant about !
    by the way – i like my hosts !

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