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  • I seem to be having a problem with this plugin not reading my timezone correctly.
    The time I have set up in WordPress general options reads correctly: GMT-4.
    This plugin is reading the ics file timezone as Etc/GMT+4.
    However, when the calendar is displayed, all event times are 2 hours behind.
    Any ideas?

    WP 2.8 / PHP 5.2.6 / AmR iCal Events List 2.3.8

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  • After more thinking… the time is probably being pulled from the web host’s server, not my WordPress’ time setting.

    Writing a rule to the htaccess file seems to solve this for my timezone:
    SetEnv TZ America/New_York

    However, I don’t know if implementing this solution is proper, or could have repercussions down the line and affect other things.

    Hi Polyfade,
    If you are seeing a GMT-4 in your wordpress settings, you are probably not running wp 2.8, AND do not have the automatic timezone plugin enabled.
    In that case, the plugin attempt to guess the more accurate wordpress timezone, by assuming a default city in your case ‘-4’=>’America/Manaus’, See in the plugin settings what the pklugin reflects as your wp timezone. Fix by upgrading to 2.8 or enabling automatic timezone plugin.

    You say the plugin is reading the ics timezone file as Etc/GMT+4 – That must then be what the ics file says! – Have you checked the .ics file directly?

    Times are then adjusted depending on the timezone specified in the ical events – there are many ways of specifying these. So far there have not been any error in time calcs, just in peoples understandings of their own timezone settings and the ics file settings.

    The plugin does not read the server timezone – is the server the one that is producing the ics file? Perhaps that is what is causing the confusion?

    If you send/post your ics file link, and the page that you are attempting to use it on, I can check it, or you can check against the test site. See

    I’m also having a problem with timezones; Using WordPress 2.8, PHP 5.2.8, Amr 2.3.8.

    When I select America/New York as WP Timezone, Amr plugin reports correctly America/New York as timezone;
    iCal Timezone is set to Americas/New York and individual events are set to Americas/New York; however amr iCal Events List reports all events 3 hours early (8pm becomes 5pm).

    Hi Jemma,
    please send link to your ics file and webpage so we can see what is happening.


    Hi Jemma,
    An update has been uploaded, reversing a code change that was made to localise formats for foreign locales. I have spent a bit of time on this and as far as I can tell, the problem was introduced when I added the use of wordpress’ss date_i18n, possibly in conjunction with with a server timezone not being the same as the wordpress timezone. (No problems are being experienced on some other blogs I have where the wordpress and server timezones are the same.)

    If you look here:

    You will see that in a New York timezone the current version 2.3.9 should give you the correct times you expect for your ics file.

    To help in figuring out why my use date_i18n is not working, please could you tell us what your server timezone is? Is it the same as the wordpress timezone?

    Hi, Thanks for the update. The php timezone (is this what you mean by server timezone?) is not NY. Although the web host company is here, they run all of their servers out of Phoenix, AZ which is Mountain Standard Time but never uses daylight savings. I sent the company an inquiry to see if I could set the php timezone, but they replied that users can not set it and I would have to make corrections to my scripts, which is I guess what you have done.
    Thanks again for your help.

    I seem to be having a similar problem.

    I’ve a test site that for the time being is hosted in California. Everything in WP is configured to show local time “Sydney Australia”, and the iCal is also set to Sydney. However the “Events List config” page times are 18 HOURS BEHIND – and the displays in the widget are similarly out of whack.

    I’m not freaking out as the finished version of the site will be hosted locally but would be keen to hear if a solution is found for this issue.

    I’m happy to supply page examples and the iCal if needed but I really think it has more to do with the host location than the particular instance of my site.

    Good luck and thanks anmari for an otherwise excellent plugin 🙂


    Hi Matt,
    I think it is the host server timezone causing the problem, but nonetheless, I like my stuff to work in most normal cases and many people have different host server times and are not also able to change the server time.
    Would you mind telling us:

    • Did you try your ics url over at the test site?:, and was the time correct or not there – it will show in Sydney time, but you can click on the timezone icon to refresh with the ical timezone
    • which plugin version – have you got latest 2.3.9?
    • which version wordpress – problem seemed to start with 2.3.8
    • Do you have automatic timezone plugin?

    If you don’t mind posting the iCal link and a page example, I can have a look.

    Hi anmari!

    I updated my plugin to 2.4.2 and now have some time zone issues. My time zone is set to Europe/Berlin, it is showed correctly on the admin’s page, but all my events are 2 hours early. May you can have a look at this?
    The iCal URL is:


    HI Philip,
    With the latest changes to allow timezone from shortcode, it does seem that something may have gone awry for other situations – apologies. From what others have said, putting the timezone in the short code (for the page calendar) will fix the page version for now.

    [iCal http://yoururl.ics tz=Europe/Berlin]

    I’m on the road at the moment, but will look at this probably tomorrow night – it should be a quick fix.

    Hi anmari!

    Thanks for your quick reaction. I forgot to say that I use the widget du display upcoming events. So I can’t use that fix, can I?


    Hi all, just to let you know that 2.5.1 should have this resolved.

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