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    Topic pretty much says it all: I am interested in using this plugin to show a list of upcoming events from a google calender in the sidebar. Using the [iCal calender_url] in a text only widget does not work.

    Does anyone know a way to get something like this to work? Or of another plugin that might be better suited for my goal?


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  • Move the plugins widget (AmR iCal Widget) to the sidebar and configure it.

    See screenshot 7

    How is this widget set up? I tend to get different results when using the same settings for the widget and the regular shortcode usage. Specifically, timezones behave differently, and this url created by fbcal does work in the shortcode, but not in the widget:,unsure/tz/Europe-Oslo/

    Hi Peterhol – I guess you sorted it out as I could not see any time difference between the widget and the shortcode on your site.
    And of course other differences are due to choice of list type.

    Hi! Gosh.. that was a quick fix 🙂 well about the timezone thing, when I use the fbcal feed directly (which gives the best result – check it out, I have put it there now instead of a fbcal-rendered-through-google-calendar feed) – I have to correct the timezone in the shortcode. And when I do that, that seems to also affect the timezone adjustment in the widget! but only when it is shown on the same page.. so I have hidden the widget on the calendar page to avoid confusion (but it is just hidden with css, so you should be able to see it if you dispel the display:none magic)

    Also – the URL,unsure/ still gives an error message when used in the widget (but as earlier, it works very well in the shortcode). When the URL is entered in the widget admin panel, I get an error message saying invalid url -, and on the rendered page, I get the error message Unable to load or cache ical calendar unsure/tz/Europe-Oslo/ where the widget is supposed to be.

    But anyways – I have kind of hacked my way around these problems now, so I must say I am all in all very impressed with the plugin! mucho kudos!

    Hi Peter,

    1) the widget

    The fbcalendar ics url has a comma in it. The widget tries to allow for combining multiple urls, separated by commas – that is why that is a problem – it thinks the one url is 2 separate urls. You “fixed” the url problem by passing it through google, which gave a friendlier URL.

    In the long run, I will probably change the widget to allow one to use the same entry as in the shortcode (it would have to override whatever else one had entered in the widget fields, just as the shortcode overrides the admin settings). This would avoid the comma problem.
    Note: By passing the url through google, you are actually changing the event datetime definitions. See This partly explains the “difference” in times you saw initially.

    2) Times & Timezones.
    The fbcalendar is issuing local “floating” times: DTSTART:20100202T161500

    The spec says that these will always be in the “attendees” timezone. See also

    The plugin is supposed to implement these as being that time no matter what timezone is specified.

    However google changed the way the dates were specified. So in the widget it basically created these in the UTC tz and then converted them to Oslo time. This resulted in the correct behaviour due to the way google spec’ed the event:

    DTSTART:20100202T151500Z with overall calendar being in oslo time.

    In one of the last couple of updates I added a piece of code which I should not have, which has caused a bug in local times (it creates them in UTC, when it should create them in the wordpress install timezone). I guess you forced the shortcode to tz=UTC to get the fbcalendar to give correct times.

    The widget does not have the ability yet to force a timezone – like the shortcode does. It has to use the tz from the wordpress install.

    Luckily for you when I fix the local time creation, your times should be okay. However if/when you make changes, please note these differences in files.

    that explains a lot! I tried with a different url in the widget (without the comma), and sure enough, it worked! I just had to choose the wpgmt localization, and the times displayed correctly! thanks a bunch!

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