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  • In my source code this html comment appears

    <!– Byday 2SU not yet supported, will try with SU –><!– Byday 1SU not yet supported, will try with SU –>

    And then the page stops loading

    I’d love to use this plugin so if anyone has any ideas how to resolve that would be great. I have no other plugins running and have tried with different themes to no avail.

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  • Hi Dickovski – those comments relate to the timezone specification in the Ical (The detailed definition of the timezone is parsed, but not used). The plugin takes the timezone name and then uses the PHP DATETIME timezone specification rather than re-invent the wheel.

    Are you sure that you have events within the date parameters that you have set?

    Send me a link to your ics file ( and I’ll have a look at it.


    If you go here: and read the instructions on the page, you can add your ics file url to the query parameters.

    Thanks for your Reply Anmari

    I do lots of school sites and have them using Google calendars to organise their events. One feed is

    I tried it in your demo area and it worked so it’s obviously a problem with my setup. I initially had an error when installing and had to change my server settings to use PHP 5. Could it be a php setting I need to change/check?

    If you have upgraded to PHP 5, then it may just need a RESET ?

    If you go to the settings area, and hit the reset button, it will delete all the plugins options and then recreate them.

    If that still does not work, then send me the link to your web page where you are testing it and I’ll see what I can see.
    Leave the options at the default initially.

    No joy with the reset button

    The page is here

    WordPress version is 2.7.1 and yours is the only plugin running at the moment. I have used other ical plugins in the past with no problems but would like to use yours as it seems a lot more flexible in diplaying the data.

    Hope you can help

    Oddly it isn’t displaying the html comment anymore but still stopping halfway. Also when I tried to use the widget it would activate it but it wouldn’t list it under the widgets being used so I couldn’t see or change any options.

    Hi there,
    I cannot see anything obvious, other than that your theme is not validating (minorly) ? try loading the default theme and see if it works in that.

    As you say the ical file works fine here
    so it must be something in your setup.

    I wonder if it is a php memory thing?

    Have you had a lot of theme changes? – sometimes widgets get “lost” in a previous sidebar setup.

    Sounds like your setup is in a bit of a state – maybe you need to try a clean wordpress instance – make a copy, separate table prefix re-install, start with default theme and take it from there.

    Hi Anmari

    I am just in the first stages of setting up that site which is why it doesn’t validate yet and just changed the theme once.

    I will try it on a fresh install with the default theme, though I tried this before and it still didn’t work. I think it’s something to do with my hosting account so will play around with that.

    I can change the memory settings if you let me know what I should be changing

    Thanks for your help, I’ll let you know if I solve it.

    Solved it by installing the timezone plugin. Should of RTFM properly!!!

    All working lovely now thanks for your help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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