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  • Hi! I recently upgraded to v2.6.6, and I experience a problem with enddates and endtimes for events. They simply do not show… The ics file is parsed from a Facebook feed (and all events have both end times and end dates), and it worked as late as in v2.6.4. Could you please have a look?

    (yes, the listtype is still configured to show endtimes and enddates)

    Also: with the upgrade to v2.6.6 came an oddity: all event rows got class=history, and thus had a lowered opacity by default (0.7)… I had to override that in the css, so that not the entire eventlist would seem “greyed out”. issues connected, maybe?

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  • hello, same with our calendar:

    peterhol, snoofox
    Thank you for spotting and advising so quickly. End date/time had got slightly lost in certain circumstances, but now it is back in 2.6.7 (use plugin amr-impatient if it shows up in, but not yet as an update in your system – it will force wp to check for update.)

    snoofox – yours is tested here

    peterhol, your fbcalendar also had a nice challenging hyperlink which broke the code I was using (did not make it clickable). This is also fixed now. See

    Re css: Not an error – a deliberate possibility offered, that one could style events in the “past” to highlight the fact that they were now “history”. Similarly there are css tags for today and future.
    The css2.6 file is still there and choosable in the settings page if you prefered that, or of course you can write your own css and ignore the tags.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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