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  1. polyfade
    Posted 4 years ago #

    After updating to version 3.9, all of the <ul> tags have been removed. Not only is it making the HTML invalid, but it's also killed my styling. Yikes!
    I am displaying my events using "Lists for rows".

    Also, I don't know if this is validation regarding the hCal spec, but must I be required to add a default event url? The problem is, if I only have real intentional links for some of the events, the other links that don't have urls become active with the url I now must specify. It's very deceptive and confusing to the user.
    Before updating, I wasn't required to specify a default event url. Now, since I have to, I don't have the option to remove it.

    Please visit my url to see what I'm talking about.

  2. anmari
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Tis a bug when list for rows outside widget. (okay in widget )

    - I am on it and will have an update soon

    Re url - no - it's a url bug - new validation added late - forget to test empty - tested for lots of crap, but not empty! duh!

    Immediate fixes for a couple that only sow up if you do not have internal wp events (amr-events) or wait until new version goes up:

    comment out line 2349 in amr-ical-events-list-main.php

    //else _e("huh?");

    change line 119 to: (change the isset to !empty )

    if (!empty($_POST['general'][$i][$c])) {

    change line 660 in amr-ical-list-admin.php - just the message, it is not always an error, wp returns false too if there is no change.

    else _e('No change to options or unexpected error in saving','amr_ical_list_lang');

  3. anmari
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi polyfade

    Re the missing

      tag in 'list' mode. It appears to only be a problem if you have a grouping (eg: widget is okay and it does not have a grouping)

      So for quick fix, remove the grouping (see settings) from the list type that you are using (or use listtype=4 in the shortcode).

      It may be a day before I get an update up - I have to make a 'policy' decision re the grouping rows - at the moment they do not really 'group' the events - they are just a table row (in table mode).
      Probably they should "group" the events - this means nested tables and nested lists.. which may impact people's css etc.. just have to think about it for a bit before I finish fix.

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