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    In the file amr-ical-events-list/includes/amr-import-ical.php, line 155 says
    . $text.'">!</a>';
    For some reason, this does not work properly, for I see the following in my code:
    <a class="error" href="#" title="Warnung: Veranstaltungen k├Ânnen veraltet sein.<br />connect() timed out!</br>&nbsp;Error getting calendar file with htpp or curl;…Mit dem Datei zuletzt bei Sun 2012-03-04T13:16:36+01:00 zwischengespeichert”>!</a>
    Note especially ”>!</a> – the closed quotation mark is being parsed, probably by some WordPress mechanism?

    Maybe related, maybe not: I get a
    Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on a non-object in /home/www/web5/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/amr-ical-events-list/includes/amr-import-ical.php on line 152 when using the widget, which destroys the Twenty Eleven layout as well.

    Thank you for looking into it!

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  • Since the forum software changed some part, another try:

    Note especially ”>!</a> is in fact & # 8 2 2 1 ; > ! < / a > in my code. Thus, the quotation mark is expressed in html entities, probably by some WordPress mechanism?

    Hi ditler,
    I had noticed that something has changed in wp so that any html in widget areas (ie not plain text) is encoded so that it displays as visible html, rather than as one would expect.

    HOWEVER – see update below in next post

    the error message there was a hopefully discrete way of warning that there was a problem refreshing the file (timeout or in accessibility)… now of course NOT so discrete ! will have to eliminate which is a pity

    the next error would seem to indicate that there is no last cached date (maybe the url you are tring to access has never worked ? )

    I may have to change the error messages to plain text and only displayed if admin is logged in – something like that. Pity as if something goes wrong with the server issuing the ics url, it will not be very visible. (or else message less discrete – more visible ?)

    For now, I guess you need to figure out what’s wrong with accessing your ics file (and that willget rid of the messages) of course you can comment out the messages -lines 152 to 155, but the ‘problem’ they are tryingto report will still be there.

    In the interim, Ill figure out what to do about flagging problems and have an update up soonish

    I have just retested in wp 3.3.1 and the latest 3.4 nightly build on 2010 theme and 2011 theme and both are behaving as ‘designed’ originally.

    IE: discrete little exclamation mark with some explanatory text on hover.

    I’ll fix the object format message by checking before using, but am wondering what is causing it ? – maybe the fact that the last cache date format fails (no object) messes up the rest of the html ?

    Comment out line 152 for now to get rid of that and then see if you just get the exclamation mark with message on hover.

    hmm – seems filemtime may not always work even if cached file exists

    anyway plugin willnow check first before tryingto use

    Thank you so far.
    To cut a long story short: something seems to be wrong with the isc-file-gathering. I tried various files, for example
    with different consequences:
    1) One of my two files works as should.
    2) The other produces the unclosed link on one page – and a fatal error on another one
    3) A third file I tried solemnly for test purposes is just not found by the plugin.

    Funny enough, the behaviour complained about before (the unclosed quotation mark) cannot be reproduced on any page besides the original “events” page.

    I see no direct differences between the three files. Maybe the exact urls and the error messages help you?


    1) works
    2) Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on a non-object in /home/www/web5/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/amr-ical-events-list/includes/amr-import-ical.php on line 152
    3) Der Kalender konnte nicht geladen oder gecached werden

    For no obvious reason, there are no problems now and everything seems to work again.

    I have to correct that: I see no more error messages, as long as I do not use “nocache=true” in the url. I guess that is because I deleted all cached files and brought them back manually after visiting the site.

    Sounds like it may well have been a temporary communication problem between your server and google (it happens).

    This is why cacheing nb so can still show something!

    All seem fine here too

    all 3 in one page – bit slow on the refresh doing 3 at once is all

    The nocache forces a refresh – that is when the problems occur – when it tries to fetch the feeds. Possibly something in your server setup ?

    wordpress tries to do the fetch with http and curl if available.

    I cannot create problems on my local or remote host. All 3 work for me.

    upadte will be up soon for the fatal error when it cannot detect cache time after not being able to refresh.

    Bit of googling shows if a slow server may cause http timeouts on

    The plugin uses the default settings to avoid calendar pages being too slow – in slow periods will use cached version

    You could look at doing something like this:

    Thank you, I will try that and see what I can do.
    A question on the side: is it normal, that when editing the file is remarked as inactive?
    amr-ical-events-list/includes/amr-import-ical.php (inaktiv)

    The problem is solved for me now. For anybody who finds this thread and is interested:
    1) It is normal, that the plugin file amr-import-ical.php is called inactive.
    2) The original problem was indeed one of server settings (new firewall setting forced me to open a port in IP-CONF)
    3) One tool helpful to determine the problem was the WordPress plugin “Core Control” – look for that if you experience problems with HTTP access.

    The error message issue is going to be corrected soon…

    Thank you for the thourough help, anmari!

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