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    I am currently seeking beta testers for version 2.0 of my Next/Previous Post Link Plus plugin for WordPress. I have made significant changes in this version to add some new features that were requested by users of the plugin. Specifically:

    * Sort the next/previous links on custom fields.
    * Return multiple next/previous links (e.g. the next N links, in an HTML list).
    * Optionally display the category of the next/previous links.
    * Full WordPress 3.0 compatibility.
    * Rewrote the plugin using wp_parse_args to simplify the function calls.

    This is in addition to the options that were included in version 1.1 of the plugin:

    * Sort the next/previous post links on columns other than post_date (e.g. ID, post_title, menu_order).
    * Loop around to the first post if there is no next post (and vice versa).
    * Truncate the link titles to any length, and display the full titles in the tooltip.
    * Display post thumbnails alongside the links (WordPress 2.9 or higher).
    * Return false if no next/previous post is found, so themes may conditionally display alternate text.

    Here is the link to the version 2.0 download and documentation. I would appreciate feedback from all WordPress users, and especially those using custom post types and/or custom taxonomies. Please post bug reports and feature requests in this thread; I’ll be checking in regularly over the next several weeks until the beta period has ended. Thanks!

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  • Sorry, that was confusing. (It had been a long day!) You gleaned my basic question, though; I was trying to use post types instead of categories, and not having any luck, for some reason. I found a category solution, though, and now everything is working fine! (I’m using 2.0b5, but probably just misconfiguring something.) Everything’s good now, though.

    Hi there,

    I have a question for you about this plugin…I hope it’s an easy one.

    First, some background. I have created a custom hierarchical taxonomy that I use to filter the posts in a blog. This is done in the loop using this code:

    global $wp_query;
            array( 'personality' => 'geek'),

    where “personality” is the taxonomy name and “geek” is the value in question. So this shows only posts flagged with the geek personality.

    Obviously next_post_link and previous_post_link don’t take a taxonomy into consideration, and they also seem not to use the returned results of the loop (which does), which is irritating.

    But it led me to this plugin, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to use what you have to restrict the results based on the value of a custom taxonomy? So for example, I’d like to code this:

    Get the previous post where the personality is geek.

    or maybe

    Get the previous post where the personality is not nerd.

    with “nerd” being another of the taxonomy values.


    <?php next_post_link_plus( array(
    	'format' => '%link &raquo;',
    	'link' => '%title',
    	'in_same_cat' => false,
    	'ex_cats' => '311',
    ) ); ?>

    didn’t work (note that “311′ is the tag_ID of the “nerd” value).


    Based on an email I got from Michael, using the ‘in_same_cat’ => true will do the trick, and it does…but only as long as only one label is applied to a post. As soon as there is more than one, in_same_cat tries to match any of the labels applied to the current post, which is not what I’m after.

    So I’m still trying to sort this out…basically I need the opposite functionality of “ex_cats” meaning I’d like to specify the IDs to include, not exclude.


    Thanks for this plugin. Just saved me an afternoon of writing the same functionality from scratch.

    Plugin Author ambrosite


    Thanks for the positive feedback, haveboard.

    Btw, the just-released version 2.2 adds a new feature called “differential exclusion” that can be used to solve the problem gendem was asking about (re: using in_same_cat with posts that are in more than one category).

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