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  • By default wp-content/uploads and its subdirectories/structure is included and structure maintained.

    Could we specify additional locations to include?

    For example, specify additional inclusion for theme files, like:
    -options to exclude file extensions of .php, .css, .js
    -options to include file extensions of .jpg, .jpeg, .png

    Or if there’s no exclude file type functionality, then something like this might work:
    -just everything in there included


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  • Plugin Author atvdev


    In the 1.09 options page, I made a field for putting filetypes for exclusion.

    But, for additional locations is a bit difficult I think. Actually not difficult, but if implemented – it should have been implemented from the begging… Because if I make it now, the files from uploads directory and other specified directories will be put in the same Amazon folder, all messed up.

    For this to work, for every specified directory (and the default uploads dir), the plugin should have created a different folder on Amazon S3. And I think now it is a bit late, as all files are already uploaded to root dir…

    Also, I don’t think this will help you with the media used in your theme, as they will me max 3mb, and if that theme later will be needing an upgrade or code changes, it will be difficult to locate the media used in that theme.

    But, there is another possibility, when another plugin uploads some content (like audio) to directory different from wp-content/uploads/. In that case, I think it would be better to setup that plugin to upload to a folder like wp-content/uploads/audio/ and Amazon S3 Uploads plugin will work there.

    I upgraded to v1.09 and I think you should give the ‘exclusion’ field better instructions:
    -do I need those single-quotes around my entire entry?
    -separate by commas?
    -does ‘.php’ also include ‘.php5’?
    -can you use wildcards or regular expressions?

    Also, does your plugin field account for typos. For example, what if someone ONLY put ‘.’? Or only put ‘%’? Or put ‘.php,,.jpg’? etc.

    Just trying to help.

    Thanks for this feature.

    I agree all plugins should upload to a subdirectory within wp-content/uploads, but not all do.

    Another reason for the feature of including additional directories is because of things like database backups. They might be in a non-public directory. For example, wp-content/backups/, possibly even with its own .htaccess and/or index.php.


    Plugin Author atvdev


    about the file extensions, in the config you must write “.jpg, .png, .php” (without the quotes), and when running the script I convert the extensions to array with values /(.*).jpg$/ /(.*).png$/ /(.*).php$/ and after I do preg_match with those value to the filenames found.

    Actually I don’t know, what would be more user friendly and will have wider area of application. What would you suggest?

    Maybe I should put an asterisk for wildcard? eg *.jpg, *.png, *.php* (so it would catch .php5 and .php)

    As long as it says something like “enter file name extensions separated by commas” that’s fine. If wild cards are allowed, give instructions. If not, say they’re not. That’s all.
    And if I put a trailing comma or double-commas, does that get stripped out (i.e. fixed), or does it mess things up?

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