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  • I don’t have any clue how much resources this cronjob takes up, but it’s not mission-critical for me to offload my uploads within 5 minutes (the shortest option) or even within 30 minutes (the longest option).

    Suggestion 1:
    -allow for longer options like 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, once-per-week, whatever. I’d probably lean toward once per day.

    Suggestion 2:
    -instead of choosing in seconds (e.g. 1800 seconds), make it user-friendly like ‘5 minutes’, ’30 minutes’, etc.

    Suggestion 3:
    -allow the ability to run it at a specified time. For example, if I choose every ’30 minutes’, I might want it to run on the 30’s, like 12:00 and 12:30 and 1:00 and 1:30. Instead of whenever I click the “Activate Plugin” button or whatever trigger gets the cronjob started and scheduling.
    -If I choose once per day, I might choose 4am. That way I know I can mess around and do all my WordPress uploading, post writing, and such and then trust that it’ll all be offloaded by the next morning. This might not be as high-level a request now that the “sync” option is in place to where it deletes from S3 when I delete from Media Manager, but it might still be a beneficial option.

    Follow-up question:
    -if I have TONS of stuff to upload and I choose to only upload 10 files at a time and it take 8 minutes to finish all the uploading, how does the 5-minute cronjob interval affect this? What happens? Does it cause any errors (doubtful)? Does it change the 5 minute schedule (was going at 10:00, 10:05, 10:10, 10:15) and start over (like 10:00, 10:08, 10:13, 10:18, etc.)?

    Thank you! 🙂

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  • Thats very good suggestions, I think in time this plugin will develop into more user friendly and elaborate tool. At the moment I have same question as cliffpaulick. What happens with cron if it is not finished by the time new execution is called? I am asking cause I had quite a slow down on my WordPress while offloading huge amount of images, but now its allright cause I offloaded them manually. Now it is only few images once a while which plugin offloads automatically without any slow downs.

    I think seeing progress and manual execution would be very beneficial for this plugin as well. Cause at the moment you feel a bit blind folded while things happening behing the curtains.

    Anyway man keep up a good work!

    Plugin Author atvdev


    ok I will do some upgrade to intevals in this week.

    About the other quest, if your cron takes more time than the interval, the cron will wait until its finished and put the next schedule with the interval from the finish time. But I have checked this only practically by putting small interval time, but I will also look inside wp how cron works and inform you



    I looked at your WordPress profile and it looks like this post was the last that you replied to. And there haven’t been any plugin commits since January 2012.

    I just wanted to check in and see if you were alright or if you were even still alive… If you wanted to privately reply, my email is tko at tourkick dot com — hope all is well with you.

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