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  • Resolved timothylb


    I can’t seem to get the Amazon Link plugin to work for me. Maybe I am missing something here, but I can get the iFrame template to display and none of the others. I tried just putting %PRICE% and I get a dash “-“. Also tried TITLE and others like %PRICE%US% with no output. Using %ASIN% in the template, I do get the code to display.

    I have a new AWS account and have done nothing with it except get the keys. Do I have to configure a service inside AWS?


    Multinational Link = 0
    Localise Amazon Link = 0
    Global Defaults = 1
    Create Search Links = 0
    Live Data = 1
    New Window Link = 0

    Default Country = US
    AWS Public Key = populated
    AWS Private key = populated
    AWS Keys Validated = 1
    Debug Output = 1

    Cache Data Age = 24
    Cache is enabled

    The Template I would like to use:

    <div class=”price”>%PRICE%</div>
    <div class=”clear”></div>

    Thanks for the help.


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  • Plugin Author paulstuttard


    Thanks for trying the plugin Tim,

    Everything you have set looks okay, what shortcode are you using in your post?


    Thanks for the help.

    Here is the shortcode: [amazon asin=B001FA1O0O&template=thumbnail&chan=default]

    In my site I have the images and descriptions custom. I only wish to use Amazon Link as a price updater so I don’t have to manually update prices from time-to-time.

    I can confirm iFrame, Banner and Carousel work fine. I overrwote the thumbnail template with the code from my original post.

    output is only a dash “-” with no price. If I replace %PRICE% with %ASIN% I get the code. If I use %TITLE% the output is blank.


    <!– Amazon Link: Version:3.0.2 – Args: asin=B001FA1O0O&template=thumbnail&chan=default
    [nonce] =>
    [template] => thumbnail
    [chan] => default
    [text] =>
    [image_class] => wishlist_image
    [wishlist_template] => my favourites
    [wishlist_items] => 5
    [wishlist_type] => Similar
    [multi_cc] =>
    [localise] =>
    [global_over] => 2
    [search_link] =>
    [search_text] =>
    [live] => 2
    [new_window] =>
    [default_cc] => us
    [aws_help] =>
    [pub_key] => *******************
    [priv_key] => **************************
    [aws_valid] =>
    [debug] => 2
    [cache_age] => 24
    [cache_enabled] => 1
    [asin] => Array
    [0] => B001FA1O0O

    [in_post] => 1
    –><div class=”price”>-</div>

    Plugin Author paulstuttard


    Hi Tim,

    Just done some testing of my own and I think it is because that ASIN is not for a particular product by for a ‘parent’ product (e.g. An iPod). You probably need to use a specific variant of the iPod (e.g. 32Gb, white) to get the AWS to return a price.

    Can you try doing the same thing with a different ASIN, e.g. does exactly the same shortcode, template and settings but with 0340993782 as the asin work? Just to double check that it is not a fault in the plugin.



    Here is what I did for a bit of background:

    First, I tried to add a link with that ASIN and the AWS does not find it (even though it is listed on the site)!

    Next… – doing a lookup manually and I get this response from the AWS:

    Error =>
    Code => AWS.ECommerceService.ItemNotAccessible
    Message => This item is not accessible through the Product Advertising API.

    So it looks like it definitely can’t be accessed via the AWS, bad luck!

    Next… – A quick google of ‘AWS.ECommerceService.ItemNotAccessible’ led me to this post on the forums:

    I’ll guess because you’re using the Parent ASIN.

    Variations include:
    Try using the ‘Variations’ response group …

    Paul – you’re a genius! it was the parent code that it didn’t like… Nice support man, keep up the good work.

    Here is a cool resource I found while digging.. it lets you try out codes in aws:

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