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  • I know I checked off “broken,” even though this sends mail. Just that the process of trying to get it to send is so convoluted and misleading.

    I selected “all registered users” from within the newsletter window, with 2 subscribers. And it continually tells me to add them from the “Newsletter Status” column.

    On the “Newsletters” screen, under the “Recipients” column, it says 2 recipients. Next to it, under “Newsletter Status,” is says “Required: create list of recipients.”

    This makes no sense.

    Clicking on “Required…” brings up a meaningless “add users” screen with no users to select. Somehow, clicking “send now” sends the message. But to just one of the recipients. Clicking the pause button, then the resume button, sends out the second one. I know it warns against large lists, but 2?

    Sorry to vent, but I’ve been through a half dozen WordPress plugins to manage mailing lists and every one of them is deeply flawed. I can hardly wait to try and explain how to use any one of these to my very non-technical client.

    Maybe hacking into the plugin I can change the labels so that they are more helpful.

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  • Tried again by putting the message in the sending queue. Seven minutes later, the 2 outbound messages are still pending. 0 sent, 0 failed.

    So I did a third test, same two recipients, without using the queue.

    Nothing. So I paused/continued. One message went out.

    Waited for the second one. Nothing.

    Pause/continue, the second one went out.

    That’ll be fun once the list gets large.

    My second test is still queued, 12 minutes and counting.

    Plugin Author eventualo


    There is a quick screencast that you can use as guide to explain how to send newsletters:
    Then, there is a setting to create the list of recipients not using ajax when newsletter is saved: go to Newsletters → Settings → tab Newsletter.

    Hi i have a big problem with the plug in

    once i are on the screen create a list of recipients ,
    than i can not click on the 3 buttons ,

    i don’t know why, but last weeks it was working ,
    no i doesn’t work anymore i tested on other browsers , i deaktivated it and activated it again,

    but i want it to work .. becasue i like this plug in ..
    how can i fix this problems ?

    Plugin Author eventualo


    After investigating on site, we found that there is some kind of conflict with W3 total cache plugin. I hope that a right cache plugin setup can fix it.

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