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[Resolved] [Plugin: ALO EasyMail Newsletter] Trackable links

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  • Plugin Author eventualo


    Nothing special to do, but I’ve just made a test and it does not work properly… In next version I’ll fix it.

    Thanks for checking into this.

    Hey eventualo, any insight into what needs to be changed to fix this? I’ve got a batch of newsletters to send out tomorrow and if there’s a small fix I can implement beforehand, I’d love to do that before sending.


    Plugin Author eventualo


    I’m sorry, I hope that the next release will be ready soon…

    Hey @eventualo,

    I’ve updated to the latest version released today but I’m still not seeing views being tracked through links.

    The change log says:
    Fixed: now all links in newsletters now really made trackable (using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser)

    I’m guessing this is what we’re talking about here? But it’s not working. Let me explain my scenario.

    – ALO is configured to NOT publish newsletters online.

    – Creating newsletter that contains links to either a link on the local site or a link to a remote site. (http://mysite.com or http://anothersite.com)

    – The email clients I’m testing with default to NOT showing remote images, so the tr.php does not track the view. This is expected and is a common behavior among modern email clients.

    – I think the only reliable way to track views in this case is to wrap all links in some sort of tracker. (I thought this is what the change log is saying)

    The emails I’m receiving have nothing in the source that would seem to wrap or otherwise track any links.

    The Report screen does not count views, even though I’ve viewed and clicked the links in the emails.

    Thoughts on this?

    Hey @eventualo,

    I looked through the code and realized it wasn’t just picking up pasted URLs, but they *have* to be wrapped in the <a> tag. I wasn’t really thinking when pasting my URLs in the tests earlier. I fixed the click tracking by doing things appropriately wrapped in the <a> tag.

    This looks to be working fine now. Thanks so much for adding this feature!

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Yes, the the parser looks for link in <a> tag. Thanks a lot for your tests and feedback.



    Plugin Author eventualo


    In 2.4.10 I added Simple HTML DOM class to make links trackable but it caused several issues in newsletter text. So in 2.4.11 I disabled it and the <a> links are no more trackable: http://www.eventualo.net/blog/2012/09/alo-easymail-version-2-4-11/

    Thanks for leaving it so that we can enable it with the constant. That’s very much appreciated. I look forward to testing that soon.

    Well, that didn’t take long. When defining the constant I’m getting an error due to a missing slash / on line 51.

    It errors trying to load:

    It should be:

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Thanks, I’ll fix in next version. Let us know about your tests.

    Everything works great after making the change on line 51 and adding the constant to my wp-config.php.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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