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[Resolved] [Plugin: ALO EasyMail Newsletter] Stats report

  • Currently the software tracks views by loading the tr.php file. Sometimes the views don’t get counted because some email clients block the loading of remote assets such as this. In this scenario, even when a subscriber clicks a link to read the newsletter online the view isn’t counted.

    Would it be possible to include a URL wrapper so that “Read online” is sent through a tracker and redirected to the destination URL? This would greatly increase the accuracy of the stats in some cases.

    Something like domain.com/wp-content/plugins/alo-easymail/tr.php?destination=http://www.domain.com/newsletter/postname

    Thanks for a great plugin.


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  • I should clarify.

    I meant not only have the “Read online” wrapped, but any URL in the newsletter. Sometimes we use the plugin to send someone to another site, or to a custom post type on our own site that doesn’t get linked to by the “Read online” shortcode. The plugin doesn’t show custom post types, so it couldn’t be wrapped solely on that “Read online” method.

    I think it’s probably the only way to reliably track stats with so many email clients blocking remote img src loading. In this case I mention, they click any link in the newsletter, it gets tracked via the wrapper mechanism.

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi mindctrl. I agree with you and your idea is already in todo list…
    All links created by shortcode (read online, site url, post title…) and maybe all links in newsletters will be directed to tr.php where it’s tracked, then go to the requested destination, right as you explained.

    Great news! Thanks, eventualo.

    eventualo, thanks so much for adding the new features related to stat tracking.

    ” Added: clickable palceholders (post url, read online, site url) in newsletters are now tracked”

    If I can be of any help in implementing the feature to track any/all links in the newsletter, please let me know. I’d be glad to help and test.

    FYI to everyone reading, this has been addressed in version 2.4.10.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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