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  • Hi Hit Reach,

    I noticed that with the update, this plugin stopped working on my website. It has lost the code snipplets I had before updating to the latest version, though I can see they still exist in the SQL database. It is also not possible to add a new snipplet; anything I try to add is greeting with the “Oh dear, could not add the code snippet” message. Do you have an idea of how this can be solved?

    With kind regards,


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  • I found the crulpit: you renamed your database suffix ‘allowPHP_functions’ to ‘allowphp_functions’ in your new version. This caused the plugin to be unable to find the table. I managed to fix the problem on my end by accessing phpMyAdmin and running the following SQL query: RENAME TABLE wp_allowPHP_functions TO wp_allowphp_functions.

    For some reason on my system the table does not get renamed with the PHP lower case on upgrade or if I try a direct SQL query like the one above. Even ALTER TABLE wp_allowPHP_functions RENAME TO wp_allowphp_functions does not work. There are no errors, just no change!

    I altered the table name directly (I generally use the Sequel Pro app for Mac rather than phpMyAdmin for messing around with the database).

    Strangely the plugin version 3.0.2 does not seem to care whether the table is upper or lower case on my test site at least.

    If like me you don’t have access to your Sql database, just re-download the plugin, unzip it. Open file allowphp.php and edit line 27 to read :

    static $database_prefix = "allowPHP_functions";

    delete the old, replace with the edited and refresh ur page 😛 BINGO!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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